Icebreaker Festival

The end of January saw Icebreaker come back as the South Coast’s biggest unsigned band festival. Offering a huge array of talent, from all across the UK, and packing it into a small geographic area means you don’t have far to walk to see great bands over the 2 days. Covering just two streets in Southsea and now in its 7th year, I went along to support local musicians as well as unsigned bands from near and far. At £12 a ticket, the value is fantastic for such talented musicians – you’d normally pay that just to see one act on their own!


Doodle Club

Doodle Club is a fun little world, tucked away on the top floor of The Wave Maiden, where a small society of good-natured people are unified by the lure of low-pressure creativity. Attending can feel like stumbling upon some kind of lovely secret: one where you find yourself surrounded by friendly people, zero judgement, and a significant amount of felt-tip pens.

The Problem With Plastic

If you haven’t heard the various news stories about plastic waste in our seas, fish, and food then I can assure you: the news is upsetting. If like many of us, you are concerned about plastic waste (but don’t know what to do about it) then I have some exciting news for you: a team of local creatives has made something new, something that will let you directly influence how waste is dealt with in Portsmouth.

Look Up Southsea

Well as we all know February is a slightly better month than January, we have survived the dreaded long payday, (Xmas spend oh no I spent too much and now I have to wait 5 weeks) but it can still be a tricky month for some. So as a bit of fun I decided to do a focus for the month where we all try to spend a little more time off our phones.

Short Movie Showcase

It’s Monday night and the Fat Fox is filled with people about to see the first-ever Short Movie Showcase: a new, quarterly celebration of short films. Over the course of the evening, we will see a curated selection from local and international creators: everything from an animated short about a tribe hunting sky-fish to a horror-comedy about torture.

The Lagoon at SBH

The Lagoon is tucked away discreetly in the back of the shop. I filled out the necessary forms and was invited in to make myself comfortable whilst Susie introduced herself. The space is incredibly chilled out, as is the shop to be honest! Low ceiling, candle burning, music on and painted a deep, gorgeous blue that was so calming without feeling dark and oppressive in a smaller space.

Pigeon Books

Southsea now has its very own independent book shop, ‘Pigeon Books’, which is a fantastic addition to the already diverse and independent Albert Road. There is something magical and special about these kinds of places, which you can’t find in bigger high street names