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Festival Wellbeing Tips

Let’s face it if you’re larging it up at a festival – you’re more than likely going to be pretty haggard the next day – unless you’re sensible & don’t drink, gasp!  As much as I would like to pretend I am an angelic little being, I love a ‘few drinks’ every now & then as much as the next person. 

So, without sounding like your Mum, here are my top tips on going to a festival & still feeling fabulous… or at least preserving a shred of your health & wellbeing! 

SBH Albert Rd

Last week I took a walk down Albert Road and ended up in the new Southsea Bathing Hut skincare apothecary, not far from the King’s Theatre; 2C Albert Road to be precise. I’d seen SBH at a few local events and have tried their lavender and patchouli soap (my friend raves about the vanilla and lavender Salty Sea Scrub). Earlier this year at the Portsmouth Vegan Festival I managed to spend a bit of time chatting with founder Samantha Worsey about her products.

The Apothecary

Meeting Wendy from Budds Herbal Apothecary was a breath of fresh air, such a lovely person with a good ethos and offering a fantastic service. I have only ever been to one other apothecary and that was The Cabinet of Curiosities in Howarth. I have to say it had a different feel to it, being one of the oldest apothecaries in England it had a historical feel and walking around it felt like you were in a museum with grand mahogany glass cabinets, and great big antique counters, greeting you at every turn . I honestly didn’t think I would walk inside one close to my home in Southsea!