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The Mariner 7

Meeting Simon Whitcomb was fate because I had spent two days thinking about the cover for issue 3 of the magazine and I felt I wanted to introduce an artist to help make it stand out so people didn’t say “oh I have read that one!” Fire Monkey Arts were having an open studio evening to celebrate Ruthie’s work which was being displayed in the window. I wasn’t sure I could make it but I decided to pop down with my little boy. I met Carrie and she said that she wanted to introduce me to Simon. One of his paintings really stood out at me and I knew right then I wanted Simon to be the first person to have an impact on the front cover.



Meeting Samo from Playdead Studio for the first time was when the business decided to advertise with us and this was the first step in understanding someone going through a transgender transition. I had never met anyone before that had been through this or was going through it at any point in my life. What I see away from someone who has been in a lot of pain and gone through a lot to get to these steps, is a person who has learned a lot about themselves, who they want to be, what they want to achieve and I see someone so positive. So determined, funny but compassionate too. Someone who you can see very clearly has a big heart and loves not only being part of a community but helping to create one!


Fire Monkey Arts

Loving art I am always drawn to creative spaces and Hotwalls Studios is a place I have often loved wandering down to. Last Friday, the start of the bank holiday, the sun had been shining all day and I was invited down to studio 1 to catch up with Fire Monkey Arts. They are a collective of local artists of around 8 that share this creative studio giving them space as well as the chance to support each other and spend time with like-minded artists. Set up by Sue Portman a local Graphic Designer, it has proved to be very successful and now a few years on has gone from strength to strength.

Across The Yard

I love jewellery but I’m really not one for buying high street pieces. All the bling I’ve adorned myself with over the years has come from markets and independent traders (I say bling but really that’s not me at all, I like big stones and quite ethnic-y pieces)


Little Old Goose

I’m really inspired by people who are not just living their lives but ‘curating’ their lives. I know it sounds a bit ‘way out’ but people who follow their true calling and take time to make their souls happy. I met Lucy Davies at a wedding fair in Winchester a few years ago and she came back onto my radar last year when I was planning an event and I realised she lived in Southsea.


March Things To Do

March is a great month as the nights are getting lighter, Spring is on the way and bulbs are coming out. Tulips are lovely flowers to pop up and of course the daffodil which brings on the feeling of Easter. So here are a few of our favourite things to do this March. Whatever you do have fun!


The Urban Sketcher

Setting up Southsea Folk we have had some rather cool followers and one that kept popping up was Joe Hart. Watching his Instagram I could see a few photos that started to have a pattern, buildings! What I found myself doing was waiting to see which urban place he was going to draw next. Loving sketches I felt drawn to his work and decided I had to meet him.