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Southsea Sangha Reaches 6

Heading into lockdown I’d just started a course on mindfulness. Because of Covid-19 it was sadly put on pause and whilst I carried on using online mindfulness resources, I struggled to make dedicated time for myself. (Don’t we all?) It wasn’t quite the same as sitting with a group, discussing practice and being led in real-time.


Doodle Club

Doodle Club is a fun little world, tucked away on the top floor of The Wave Maiden, where a small society of good-natured people are unified by the lure of low-pressure creativity. Attending can feel like stumbling upon some kind of lovely secret: one where you find yourself surrounded by friendly people, zero judgement, and a significant amount of felt-tip pens.

The Front Room

Poetry is often seen as something abstract, something you have to be smart enough to ‘get’. And that just isn’t true. As a form of art it deserves recognition of the beauty, rhythm and passion carried in the words; essentially a song with no music. Here in Southsea we’re lucky to have people from The Front Room that bring art to us on a regular basis, making magic happen in the cosy and relaxed atmosphere of Albert Road’s coffee shops.

Tai Chi Calm

Hailing from 13th century China, the martial art of Tai Chi is a beautiful, almost hypnotic practice & one of the most effective exercises for health of mind & body. Although this art has great depth of skill & knowledge, with the right teacher the sequence of slow, fluid movements & breathing techniques is easy to learn & delivers many health benefits.

Community Cupboard

The recently launched Community Cupboard on Albert Road is a true example of Southsea’s warm heart. Designed as an opportunity for people to donate what they can and take what they need, the wardrobe will become a place to focus on community spirit and benefit those needing help– especially with the winter months coming.