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Green Hands Florist

Just before Christmas, a new florist Green Hands of Southsea opened on Castle Road which is when I first met Monika Wood. The outside was being painted green which has been a favourite colour of mine for about 3 years and I wanted to venture in when the doors opened to see what kind of style and focus this new florist had to offer.


Soup Of Souls

Soup of Souls is an art installation at the Portsmouth Cathedral where Pete Codling has been the Artist in Residence for a project funded by the Arts Council. There is always a theme to these projects, and Pete’s theme was time. I went along on the first evening the exhibition opened and had my first glance at the 8 panels hanging in the nave of the cathedral.

Kim Edith

Kim Edith is a textile artist, creator of stitch books and fabric collage extraordinaire! Her style and focus is clever, combining the skills she developed as an illustrator and (previously) a textiles teacher which allow her to create a wonderful world of fabric pictures, collages and fabric books.

Sounds Of Refuge

Tiny coffee shop universe. If you listen closely, you can hear all the little sounds connecting in harmony creating a melody of their own – their own daily music. Beans being crushed in the coffee grinder, the thud of the tamper and a soft whiz of milk being heated up. Quiet murmur of people looking around with curiosity and anticipation, lighting their cigarettes and puffing on them as they pass the time in conversation. Someone says ‘five minutes’ and so the back room of Hunter-Gatherer, cosy as always, with the fairy lights woven through a leafy ceiling and set up with colourful bean bags and wall hangings, slowly fills up.

The Front Room

Poetry is often seen as something abstract, something you have to be smart enough to ‘get’. And that just isn’t true. As a form of art it deserves recognition of the beauty, rhythm and passion carried in the words; essentially a song with no music. Here in Southsea we’re lucky to have people from The Front Room that bring art to us on a regular basis, making magic happen in the cosy and relaxed atmosphere of Albert Road’s coffee shops.

Here Comes Priscilla

Wednesday nights are usually a case of catching up on the new drama I want to see on the telly. But this week I was asked to go along and watch the cast of the award-winning Portsmouth Players society rehearse for next week’s show, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”. The Players are a tight-knit group of dedicated performers and crew who come together and bring professional shows to life, all whilst using local talent. The Portsmouth Players have actually been performing since 1927, can you believe that?!

Tai Chi Calm

Hailing from 13th century China, the martial art of Tai Chi is a beautiful, almost hypnotic practice & one of the most effective exercises for health of mind & body. Although this art has great depth of skill & knowledge, with the right teacher the sequence of slow, fluid movements & breathing techniques is easy to learn & delivers many health benefits.