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Short Movie Showcase

It’s Monday night and the Fat Fox is filled with people about to see the first-ever Short Movie Showcase: a new, quarterly celebration of short films. Over the course of the evening, we will see a curated selection from local and international creators: everything from an animated short about a tribe hunting sky-fish to a horror-comedy about torture.

The Lagoon at SBH

The Lagoon is tucked away discreetly in the back of the shop. I filled out the necessary forms and was invited in to make myself comfortable whilst Susie introduced herself. The space is incredibly chilled out, as is the shop to be honest! Low ceiling, candle burning, music on and painted a deep, gorgeous blue that was so calming without feeling dark and oppressive in a smaller space.

Pigeon Books

Southsea now has its very own independent book shop, ‘Pigeon Books’, which is a fantastic addition to the already diverse and independent Albert Road. There is something magical and special about these kinds of places, which you can’t find in bigger high street names


The UK’s first-ever Sake brewery, Kanpai- meaning ‘cheers’ in Japanese- has been on my radar since it first launched in 2017. So when an invite to the trade and press tasting of their limited ultra-premium Junmai Ginjo Sake hit my inbox, I leaped straight on the train to Peckham Rye…


Playdead 4 years!

Samo, owner of Playdead studios, is necking coffees at a rate of 3 to my 1….and I drink a LOT of coffee. We’re discussing the retrospective of PlayDead’s work surrounding the 4th anniversary and I need the coffee because I’m exhausted just hearing about all the hard work.


Beer Is Art

The air was hot and thick, the half-light of sunset illuminating the bodies as they rhythmically packed box after box, glinting off cans. The room was silent but for the scrape of cardboard, shuffling bodies and the sound of hammering from the next room. Everyone had their head down focused on their own essential role in the production line. This was no sweatshop in Asia but the scene of launch night final prep for the second installment of the mighty JurasSIX collaboration.