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Five Elements Academy

Cristian Lopez from Five Elements Academy has over thirty years of experience in the Internal martial (Kung Fu) and healing arts, including Tai Chi, Qi gong, Meditation, Massage Therapy & Tui Na (Chinese Cupping massage) and other Chinese forms of internal health arts. He has gained various recognitions and diplomas in China (Wudang Mountains) and Europe.

Men and Yoga

It’s a common misconception that yoga is just for women who can touch their toes and fold themselves into pretzel-like shapes. Although yoga studios are often seen as female-dominated environments, yoga is for everyone; men and women of different shapes, sizes, abilities and from all walks of life.

The Apothecary

Meeting Wendy from Budds Herbal Apothecary was a breath of fresh air, such a lovely person with a good ethos and offering a fantastic service. I have only ever been to one other apothecary and that was The Cabinet of Curiosities in Howarth. I have to say it had a different feel to it, being one of the oldest apothecaries in England it had a historical feel and walking around it felt like you were in a museum with grand mahogany glass cabinets, and great big antique counters, greeting you at every turn . I honestly didn’t think I would walk inside one close to my home in Southsea!


March Things To Do

March is a great month as the nights are getting lighter, Spring is on the way and bulbs are coming out. Tulips are lovely flowers to pop up and of course the daffodil which brings on the feeling of Easter. So here are a few of our favourite things to do this March. Whatever you do have fun!

Self Love Workshop

For some reason, I ended up partying like I was 17 last night which didn’t bode well for the self-love workshop I was booked onto at 10am this morning. I could think of so many things I’d rather be doing than going to a hippie dippie workshop with gongs and chanting – I could lie on my sofa and catch up with Celebs Go Dating.

The Southsea Deli

I met Daniel from The Southsea Deli a couple of years ago when I attended one of his supper clubs at his home. He was busy in the kitchen so we didn’t get much time to chat but I had the best night! He runs them every month, each time with a different culinary theme. Guests are greeted with a welcome drink but otherwise it’s BYO.