Bureau of Change

Towards the end of 2017 saw Bureau of Change move premises to Albert Road. It sits just as you start walking down towards the Kings Theatre. Sitting quite boldly on a corner the first thing that hits you is the lighting display in the window. Heading inside you get a feel for the kind of interiors that greet you in every area of the shop. Timeless pieces spring to mind. On trend but also with a classic twist. Looking around at the lighting, in particular, there is an industrial edge but then pieces that would wow any home.

Speaking to Neil the founder of Bureau of Change, he said that he spends a long time sourcing just the right product for the shop. His interior design background extends back a long way and he has gained extensive experience in this field so buying from him you do get a sense of quality and passion for having the right pieces to add to your home. He has always travelled the world sourcing products so he knows how to find the perfect lighting and furniture. Neil's favourite pieces come from Italy (1950's and 1960's) but he is often found with a smile bringing back many pieces from Europe and America.

One of Southsea Folk's favourite pieces is the zinc table. It has a quality but also a sense of ease to it. Designed to look quite worn, getting scratches on it only enhances the look trying to be achieved. This table would fit in so many styles. From an industrial look to a scandi style to sitting in a traditional style kitchen. Priced at around £1000 for this item means you are buying something to last a long time. Because it is bespoke designed it can be made to whatever size you require. This is one of our favourites I have to say!
Also sitting in this fab shop is Rose Clover a local florist that has an eye for lush greenery and modern blooms. Liz the owner works so hard to make her displays look so effortless. Air plants to concrete planters, copper pots to vintage terracotta ones, there is something for everyone here. Rose Clover are very on trend and offer an eclectic choice for you to choose from. Liz moved from London in 2015 and wanted to live by the sea. Find out more on her website here! 

Being business owners together you can really see that Neil and Liz compliment each other's style and they sit so hand in hand when it comes to interiors. Even the collection of greeting cards are cool in here so you have to venture in just for that!

Here are some questions I asked Neil you might want to know!

What made you decide to become an Interior Designer?.

Well, from an early age I was constantly arranging and rearranging my parent's house. Much to their annoyance lol.

When did you become an Interior designer?

Age 14.

How do you feel interior design has evolved over the years?

Mostly I think it has repeated itself…

Who influences you the most in the Interior Design world? 

Wes Anderson.

Do you have one piece of furniture that you love and always like to buy?


Do you collect anything?

No, not really. I don’t own anything much. I just hunt down things that I’m after to fit in a space.

Do you do anything creative outside of work?

Yes. I’m a workaholic type.

Are there any trends you are liking at the moment?.

Wes Anderson films. Good wine and Cigarettes.

Do you feel that most things you buy and source for the shop are long-term pieces that are timeless?

Yes. Most of the lighting that I source is collectible signed/dated pieces in original condition.

Do you have any other plans for the shop?

To fulfill the complete package that we have planned. We have self-funded the entire project, and have to earn before we can spend!

Written by Louise O'Brien