Southsea Folk Gin Club

Welcome to Southsea Folk’s Gin Club, where our aim is to bring all Gin enthusiasts together in creative venues and event spaces that enhance the experience. There will be talks, social events, news of up and coming festivals and chances to go and visit distilleries.

Gin has had a recent explosion in popularity, with micro distilleries popping up all over the UK. Gone are the days of mother’s ruin and in its place stands a complex and sophisticated spirit with a huge selection available to tantalize our taste buds. Because of the wide variety of botanicals available, it means that each individual Gin can offer a unique taste. Add into the mix a range of garnishes and tonics, which are designed to enhance the particular flavours of the gin, and you have yourself one fine alcoholic beverage. 

Join us on our journey across Southsea (and beyond!) over the next year to find great pubs and venues helping us have a whole new gin experience!

Keep checking out the website for new dates and venues happening close to Southsea.

Southsea Folk Gin Club - May 2018 Event - SOLD OUT!!!!

Our May Gin event is taking place at the Southsea Deli that offers a wonderful evening of food pairing with gin. Winchester Distillery will be visiting us and offering tasters of their fine gin. You will get the chance to look at their excellent range of gins they have on offer. Small plates of food will be shared with a Gin and Tonic which will offer a fresh taste along with strawberries as a garnish. You will be given the chance to place an order for gin and venture to the Southcoast Emporium for more gin drinking. This event takes place on the 17th may and already half of the tickets are sold.

June sees 2 gin festivals taking place locally so we will be sending out the links for anyone wanting to join us. Discover Wine is holding a gin festival on the 16th June in Denmead. Tickets go on sale on the 1st May and looks to be a popular event!

The other Gin festival is being held in Chichester by the Great British Gin Festival and is a great opportunity for finding favourite gins. This is being held on the 9th June.

Louise x

Southsea Folk Gin Glub - April 2018 Event

Our first gin night was held at the King Street Tavern. Sean the owner of the pub helped to create an amazing evening. There were tasting tables from Corner 53, Boe and Poetic Licence and after hitting those tables gin enthusiasts went and purchased a Gin and Tonic of their choice. The pub had over 40 gins to try.

One of the biggest hits of the evening was a gin by Poetic Licence called the Sweet Bell Pepper & Naga Chilli Rarity Gin. This is the description of it.

Big smokiness from chillies is first on the nose, followed by sweetness from juniper and yellow and green peppers. On drinking, it has a velvety smooth mouthfeel with gentle heat at the back of the palate. Then the tingling starts; the longer you leave it the more tingly it gets. Smoky chillies then heat arrive, starting at the front moving to the back of the palate. The heat dissipates leaving lingering warmth, flavours of fruity peppers and a very subtle smokiness from earthy chillies.

This gin will blow your socks off with flavour, but not with heat. It is milder than you may expect from such potent chillies, which measure over 1 million on the Scoville scale; we chose naga as these are the most flavourful of the chilli family. This gin is less than 1000 on the Scoville scale to preserve a balance of flavour with just a bit of warmth. This was offered as a taster and then a gin enthusiast went and ordered one with tomato juice and it was such a fabulous drink. Hitting all the taste buds it tasted like a meal all in one drink! You just know this would taste delicious with a steak or a red meat dish.

The other favourite taster of the night was Pomelo by Corner 53. Offering such a fresh taste We all enjoyed looking at the botanicals brought along to show what went into the gin. Pomelo has a balance of pink grapefruit, Cox's Pippin apples and Conference pears, offset by aromatic wormwood and sweet liquorice. When you mix this with a Mediterranean tonic it gives a delightful taste.

We all got to taste the Violet Gin by Boe and there was a feeling that it reminded everyone of parma violets but in a drink! The colour of the bottle is a very intense purple which would look fab on anyone's drink trolley!

The rest of the evening ended by trying all different gins and one of my favourites was the Brighton Rock. We had rock in the bottom of the glass and gave a sweet minty taste which finished off a fine evening.

Please look out for our May event.

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