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Vegan Places

This week on SouthseaFolk, Lou suggested shining a light on the Vegan possibilities in Portsmouth. As the resident vegetarian on the team with a passion for all food, I was happy to investigate further and chat with some of my friends who are vegan about where they go to eat. Whilst being vegetarian and vegan has certainly gotten easier and more commonplace, it’s still difficult to feel spoilt for choice with a menu and very often we’re stuck having “the V option”, especially my vegan pals. So I thought a good way to kick off this little celebration of all things plant-based would be to highlight 5 businesses that cater specifically for or at least VERY well, for vegans on our island. I also know a few places further afield, so maybe at a later date, I’ll do a guide for those who want to plan a visit purely based on places they want to eat (like me).

Home Coffee Shop

Welcome (to) Home. Whether I’m grabbing a quick takeaway or settling down for a few hours to work (and work my way through the menu) I always feel welcome here. Home Coffee is a triumph in Portsmouth’s independent coffee shop scene, which has exploded in the last few years.