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Sounds Of Refuge

Tiny coffee shop universe. If you listen closely, you can hear all the little sounds connecting in harmony creating a melody of their own – their own daily music. Beans being crushed in the coffee grinder, the thud of the tamper and a soft whiz of milk being heated up. Quiet murmur of people looking around with curiosity and anticipation, lighting their cigarettes and puffing on them as they pass the time in conversation. Someone says ‘five minutes’ and so the back room of Hunter-Gatherer, cosy as always, with the fairy lights woven through a leafy ceiling and set up with colourful bean bags and wall hangings, slowly fills up.

Gig Buddies

Gig Buddies in Portsmouth has just celebrated it’s one year anniversary having opened its doors in May 2017. Brighton was the first place to introduce Gig Buddies and the initiative became such a success that it’s expanded across the UK, creating 7 more locations. Gig Buddies is a project that pairs a volunteer with an adult who has learning disabilities and offers them the chance to go to live gigs or other social events together. When Brighton Gig Buddies did a Socialisation survey they found that 64% of adults with learning disabilities felt lonely. That was a really high percentage and by introducing such a positive project the statistics were able to change.


Little Old Goose

I’m really inspired by people who are not just living their lives but ‘curating’ their lives. I know it sounds a bit ‘way out’ but people who follow their true calling and take time to make their souls happy. I met Lucy Davies at a wedding fair in Winchester a few years ago and she came back onto my radar last year when I was planning an event and I realised she lived in Southsea.


March Things To Do

March is a great month as the nights are getting lighter, Spring is on the way and bulbs are coming out. Tulips are lovely flowers to pop up and of course the daffodil which brings on the feeling of Easter. So here are a few of our favourite things to do this March. Whatever you do have fun!