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Tomato Plant Frenzy

We all know how the song goes ‘You say tomato I say?” but were you one of those people that just had to grow tomato plants during lockdown? Having a tiny seed and watching it spring to life by just adding water has kept the nation occupied during those lockdown weeks. Some people even managed to grow tomatoes just from the seeds of the little round red juicy things they kept in the fridge!



Meeting Samo from Playdead Studio for the first time was when the business decided to advertise with us and this was the first step in understanding someone going through a transgender transition. I had never met anyone before that had been through this or was going through it at any point in my life. What I see away from someone who has been in a lot of pain and gone through a lot to get to these steps, is a person who has learned a lot about themselves, who they want to be, what they want to achieve and I see someone so positive. So determined, funny but compassionate too. Someone who you can see very clearly has a big heart and loves not only being part of a community but helping to create one!

Hungry Herbivores

After supper club last Saturday I managed to grab a few minutes with the lovely Rosie whilst she and her team of helpers for the evening were clearing up. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of dinner but for now, let’s find out more about The Hungry Herbivores.