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A few weeks into lockdown I had the pleasure of promoting Ella and Missing Promotions for a Friday evening live session that she organised called Isolation Station. There were fans missing going to live music gigs and artists missing performing them so to have a chance to watch a local talented band or musician play while sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine appealed to me! 

Southsea Sangha Reaches 6

Heading into lockdown I’d just started a course on mindfulness. Because of Covid-19 it was sadly put on pause and whilst I carried on using online mindfulness resources, I struggled to make dedicated time for myself. (Don’t we all?) It wasn’t quite the same as sitting with a group, discussing practice and being led in real-time.

The Lagoon at SBH

The Lagoon is tucked away discreetly in the back of the shop. I filled out the necessary forms and was invited in to make myself comfortable whilst Susie introduced herself. The space is incredibly chilled out, as is the shop to be honest! Low ceiling, candle burning, music on and painted a deep, gorgeous blue that was so calming without feeling dark and oppressive in a smaller space.

Men’s Grooming

There’s a conversation I have on a regular basis. It’s happened ever since the day I started Southsea Bathing Hut on a market stall in 2015. Today, happily settled into our skincare lab and shop on Albert Road, people ask the same. It goes like this:

A customer pops in looking for a gift (let’s say Valentine’s Day is coming up). They ask me, ‘Have you got anything for guys?’

They know he’s into skincare. But they’re not sure what he likes just yet.


PaintChill Co

Last Thursday was the launch of Paint Chill Co; a new creative and social venture set up by local artists Penny and Jessa of Artypotz and ArtReleaseUK respectively. Their aim? To encourage creativity in a relaxed environment where you can escape the daily stresses of life, have a drink or two with friends and walk away with a picture you’ve painted. Sounds like a great mission to me! Some of the SouthseaFolk team went along to the launch to get involved in this creative new business.

Interior Influencers

Walking the breadth of Southsea looking for all the interior shops you can visit in one day was so much fun. Then I thought about the interior influencers we actually have that live on our doorstep and what their thoughts were on interior trends and design so I could share all this info with you lovely people. So I spoke to 3 wonderful influencers in interiors right now and this is what they had to say.

Stuff Tailormade

Sam Tuffnell is one of these guys who was just born to be outside, working in overalls, working with his hands and generally getting dirty… you couldn’t imagine him in an office environment if you know what I mean. His furniture-making business S.Tuff Tailormade (see what he did there) allows him to do all these things and more. It’s a business that manifested very organically as a result of a few twists and turns and Sam told me all about it over a Matcha latte in Home Coffee.