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Five Elements Academy

Cristian Lopez from Five Elements Academy has over thirty years of experience in the Internal martial (Kung Fu) and healing arts, including Tai Chi, Qi gong, Meditation, Massage Therapy & Tui Na (Chinese Cupping massage) and other Chinese forms of internal health arts. He has gained various recognitions and diplomas in China (Wudang Mountains) and Europe.

Southsea Sangha Reaches 6

Heading into lockdown I’d just started a course on mindfulness. Because of Covid-19 it was sadly put on pause and whilst I carried on using online mindfulness resources, I struggled to make dedicated time for myself. (Don’t we all?) It wasn’t quite the same as sitting with a group, discussing practice and being led in real-time.

Southsea Sangha

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a day-long meditation retreat with Southsea Sangha. It took place on Sunday 29th April at Portsmouth High School. The focus of the retreat was a visiting Buddhist Dharma teacher from the states, Lama Rod Owen. Daniel Sutton-Johanson, founder of Southsea Sangha, contacted Rod after reading his book (Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love & Liberation) and finding his conversations and contemplations so inspiring. He got in touch, suggested he came over to teach, and the rest is history. Daniel’s been with him on his ‘Talking Love and Liberation’ tour which was a whirlwind month delivering talks and meditations in Devon, London, Cardiff, Brighton, Sheffield and Bristol. Southsea was the last date on the itinerary before Rod headed home… and Daniel had a rest!