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4 Ways With Houseplants

With many of us staying at home, and often with limited access to the outdoors in our densely-packed city, what better time to get to know your houseplants better?

Research has shown that being in greener spaces, even indoors, improves mood and reduces stress. And if like me you’re working from home, a greener workspace improves productivity, attention span, and task speed.

Interior Trail 2

Albert Road has a vibe all of its own and describing it as an earthy, urban stretch is just the start. From quirky coffee shops to hair studios that keep their location a secret, lots of fun can be had here. My Interior Trail starts again at the top of the road, in Tango Tea. Talking to Jenni you begin to understand that this place was the beginning of all the eclectic shops we see around this area. Coming from Lancashire, Jenni said she was always one for not following the crowd and had her own style from a very young age.