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A few weeks into lockdown I had the pleasure of promoting Ella and Missing Promotions for a Friday evening live session that she organised called Isolation Station. There were fans missing going to live music gigs and artists missing performing them so to have a chance to watch a local talented band or musician play while sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine appealed to me! 

Brutalist Records

Focusing on the music industry this week was important to me as anyone that knows me understands not only my love of music but also that I have watched my son grow in his band for the last 3 years. Part of watching him grow was picking him up from pub car parks at 11pm at night to watching him build a following in small venues in the city. These venues are what makes a musician or band grow and any success of where they go always comes from local roots, a local following of fans.

Big Hug Management

From being a Portsmouth DJ, a nightclub promoter, record shop, and record label owner, through to being involved in chart successes with Lou Reed and Nina Simone plus working with major record labels as a marketing & brand agency, the move into Artist Management in 2013 seemed a new, exciting and logical step.

10 Tracks From Portsmouth’s Finest!

Supporting your local music scene from bands to venues, promoters, rehearsal spaces, recording spaces and beyond has never been so important. Before lockdown, Portsmouth’s music scene was flourishing and the strongest it’d ever been regarding live music with gigs happening left, right and centre. There was a point that there were so many gigs happening that we’d be torn between splitting our time between up to three gigs over one evening!


Popping in to see Alice from Vanderhume down at Hotwalls, Old Portsmouth, I wandered around her studio (number 9) and fell in love with her plant hangers she had been making. Thinking of macrame you tend to think of cream colours when you think of plant hangers but Alice had made some grey ones which she had dyed naturally. Her studio is so relaxing and is somewhere I definitely want to go back and spend more time in. Handing over my cash for the hanger which sits proudly in my dining room it got me thinking about this love of fringing and weaving we have, and the trend for texture in interiors that has been strong for about 4 years now.

Lockdown Recipes

One of the fantastic side effects of this lockdown period is our community embracing home cooking – alongside the occasional takeaway, of course! We’re all finding ourselves at home with a lot more time on our hands than we’re used to, so a lot of people – myself included – are spending some extra time in the kitchen.

4 Ways With Houseplants

With many of us staying at home, and often with limited access to the outdoors in our densely-packed city, what better time to get to know your houseplants better?

Research has shown that being in greener spaces, even indoors, improves mood and reduces stress. And if like me you’re working from home, a greener workspace improves productivity, attention span, and task speed.

Isolation Station

Isolation Station starts tonight for a wknd of music supporting local artists like Fugitive Orchestra and Dutch Criminal Record as well as Raw Kids from Berlin (Who I can’t wait to hear live!)  In such strange times it’s great that music can still be promoted for us to listen to. Ella from ‘Missing’ Promotions really wanted to do something that involved a live stream that could showcase artists in a fun way and make us feel like we are having a cool wknd! I am totally up for that, are you? This means you can dance along in your kitchen and even get your friends to do the same at their house.