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The Suffering of Men

Growing up, I feared becoming my father. A man who, through entrenched generational conditioning, struggled and failed to nurture his son in restorative and healthy ways. Now, I was responsible for guiding a little person’s heart away from ideas I experienced as unskilful, oppressive, numbing, dominant and harmful. 

I realised my duty, my front line, was to disrupt as much as I could the narrative of patriarchy, self-betrayal, male dominance and aggressive power, which my son was already learning. Even at three years old. 

Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness

When you look at where we live, with such a fantastic open space right next to the sea, it makes sense that a lot of exercise takes place along this stretch of Southsea. Come springtime you see groups playing sports on Southsea Common with bikes, scooters, rollerbladers and runners using the wide stretch of interesting public spaces. It starts from Clarence Pier and heads right up to Southsea Parade Pier, so it was inevitable that a company would want to start training in this beautiful setting we have.

Festival Wellbeing Tips

Let’s face it if you’re larging it up at a festival – you’re more than likely going to be pretty haggard the next day – unless you’re sensible & don’t drink, gasp!  As much as I would like to pretend I am an angelic little being, I love a ‘few drinks’ every now & then as much as the next person. 

So, without sounding like your Mum, here are my top tips on going to a festival & still feeling fabulous… or at least preserving a shred of your health & wellbeing! 

Forced To Be

Having met Jenna Boyson a few times at various fayres around Southsea, I wanted to catch up with her and talk one to one about her mission, love, future and main project, Forced To Be Fussy Having spent time these last few weeks changing my own diet by cutting out milk and thinking about cutting out dairy, I remembered Jenna. She’s had to remove so many foods from her diet, I wanted to talk to her about how that felt and what steps she’s taken to get where she is now.

Southsea Sangha

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a day-long meditation retreat with Southsea Sangha. It took place on Sunday 29th April at Portsmouth High School. The focus of the retreat was a visiting Buddhist Dharma teacher from the states, Lama Rod Owen. Daniel Sutton-Johanson, founder of Southsea Sangha, contacted Rod after reading his book (Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love & Liberation) and finding his conversations and contemplations so inspiring. He got in touch, suggested he came over to teach, and the rest is history. Daniel’s been with him on his ‘Talking Love and Liberation’ tour which was a whirlwind month delivering talks and meditations in Devon, London, Cardiff, Brighton, Sheffield and Bristol. Southsea was the last date on the itinerary before Rod headed home… and Daniel had a rest!

Reiki Experience

I first met Jenni from Surfing the Sea of Life in the car park of our flats on Castle Road. She lives above me and I helped her with her bags. She told me she’d just finished a vision board workshop. I was interested… I’ve seen The Secret… I LOVE a good vision board! She briefly told me she was a Reiki practitioner and life coach. ‘Cool’ I thought and I looked up her Facebook page when I got home.

The Apothecary

Meeting Wendy from Budds Herbal Apothecary was a breath of fresh air, such a lovely person with a good ethos and offering a fantastic service. I have only ever been to one other apothecary and that was The Cabinet of Curiosities in Howarth. I have to say it had a different feel to it, being one of the oldest apothecaries in England it had a historical feel and walking around it felt like you were in a museum with grand mahogany glass cabinets, and great big antique counters, greeting you at every turn . I honestly didn’t think I would walk inside one close to my home in Southsea!

Self Love Workshop

For some reason, I ended up partying like I was 17 last night which didn’t bode well for the self-love workshop I was booked onto at 10am this morning. I could think of so many things I’d rather be doing than going to a hippie dippie workshop with gongs and chanting – I could lie on my sofa and catch up with Celebs Go Dating.