A Different Perspective Video

It has been a difficult couple of days but something in the back of our minds knew that it might be on the horizon, another full national lockdown.  When you think about it, we are all in a different place than we were in March. For a start, our mindset is where we all know what it was like the first time and we know we aren't going to run out of toilet rolls, we also know like last time we can get through this no matter how hard it feels.

Watching 'A Different Perspective' video is something positive to watch. Even though you think you remember the first lockdown watching the highlights of what our city went through really brings it all back.

The community spirit, the hope we had, the feeling that strangers were helping strangers to get by really stands out. Now, this video is as long as a film! Be warned!! It is about 2 hours long but you can watch it in sections.

What is the documentary all about? Well, when things slowed down back in March 2020 Mike Woods from Solent Sky Services (who spends a lot of time working on projects with drones across our city) saw this time as a way to capture the hearts of what our city was going through. Facing a year of uncertainty for his business, and surrounded by gloomy headlines and statistics, he decided to create an uplifting documentary focused on Portsmouth’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solent Sky Services founder Mike  said. “Before the pandemic, our social media feeds were already spaces for beautiful aerial photography. Under lockdown, those kinds of pictures became a form of escapism for people."

“When we noticed more and more comments from followers saying they couldn’t wait to get
back out to the places we’d shot, our work started feeling weightier. Then, on the night of the
first ‘Clap for our Carers’ applause on March 26th, I decided we were living through history
that needed to be documented.”

This documentary took 6 months to put together and had hours and hours of filming and editing to sort through but the end result is something to be admired!

One of the highlights for me is the art section talking to Fark. He highlighted some really cool things which were how brilliant children have been throughout the whole pandemic. I loved how he was carrying on working and chatting away and it felt so genuine.

We can't change where we are right now with the pandemic and the fact we have got to stay home is a pain but we can reflect on how we got past the first major lockdown and the positivity that the city showed during this time.

Grab yourself a cuppa or even a glass of wine and have a watch, it will bring a tear to your eye in parts, and in others, it might inspire you to do something to help you and others feel better during this next phase.

Watch the Video here