David Tuckwell

The feature photo for Southsea Folk comes from David Tuckwell.  Another local photographer who has loved photography from being a young boy.

I caught up with David to grill him a little on photography and that photo!

How did you get into photography?

I got into photography at an early age as my father took a few photos here and there. I remember getting a Boots 35mm compact camera at an early age which I used. I studied photography at Plymouth University and took a long break and about 6 years later starting taking photos again. Strong Island did a feature on me on my Instagram very early on and effectively it grew from there.

How did you take the featured photo? 

The photo above was taken on my phone. I spent a couple of years away from iPhones and went back. The photo was taken using the Spectre app on the iPhone 12 Pro. I was kneeling down trying to steady the phone on my thigh so there was no camera shake. It’s very different to using my DSLR, ND filters, and tripod, that’s for sure.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to take scenery shots like the promoted one?

My advice would be not to try too hard. If you see something that looks good take a photograph of it and if that doesn’t work try again another time. Patience and practise is key.

How have you coped in the lockdown times we have had over the past year? 

During the first lockdown, I found it difficult to find anywhere that would print photos for me, so I decided to buy my own printer so I was no longer reliant on other people to do it. This has enabled me to print as free and often as I like.

I taught myself last year how to make a photo frame from strips of wood to the rectangular frame to mounting and finishing. I did this so from end to end it is all done by me, from photo taking to it being framed and then to an end product.

Where do you want readers to find you? 

Readers can find me on


My website

Prints can be purchased direct from me via Instagram or website. 

By Louise O’Brien