Delaney's has been around for 15 years and is nestled in between the fab independents there are on Castle Road. It's the kind of place that has been popular to meet up for coffee with friends and family and grab brunch or lunch. Belinda has always had a friendly approach and was very welcoming to me when I first arrived in Southsea. Castle Road is like a 5-minute walk from my home so I always tend to wander down this stretch when I am out and about. Delaney's has always had people inside cosying up around the big rustic pine tables with its cottage style cushions and decor or sat outside people watching and drinking hot cups of coffee. It was a well thought of place to grab a sandwich from the extensive sandwich menu board or hot baguette to sit and take in the world with a hot drink.

Recently though with COVID being in our lives most of this year plus the fact that Castle Road has changed to a pedestrian-only entrance means that Belinda thought it was an ideal time to switch things up a little in the cafe. With all the changes happening in the first lockdown  it gave her time to really think about what she wanted to change and adapt. Thinking about her lifestyle and the kind of casual places there are to eat in Southsea Belinda felt that her premises could really lend itself to a nice evening place where people could pop in for an evening meal with a glass of wine that wasn't a late night thing but just an early evening supper.

Having all these ideas that could turn a day time cafe into an evening ambience style setting meant the cosy cottage look had to go but sometimes that's nice to change the style of a place as it allows more modern influences to take form and really introduce new ideas. Belinda wanted new lighting and new flooring. Having always offered a wonderful lunch selection already there needed to be more scope with customers being able to take away more deli items like quiches, and pastries as well offering a deli section where people could buy condiments, food gifts and speciality foods like Spice island Chilli and Moon Roast coffee.

The result is stylish with a sense of adaptability from day to evening. Being very eclectic with soft lighting, mirrors, new tables and chairs. There are back to back benches which makes the venue seem much bigger, and the counter has been moved to be length ways so again this makes the space much bigger. Interesting touches with vintage lighting and lots foliage from plants brings it all together. Upstairs offers an intimate setting and the whole thing still has that Delaney's relaxed chill vibe. Opening 2 nights a week with a supper style menu means you can rock up have something nice to eat, a glass of wine and then be home for 9pm or head off out to another venue for more drinks.

I love the new decor and the fact it is a place I can still pop along to in the day time for one of their house special deli type sandwiches but then offer a different atmosphere in the evening. The way that Castle Road is set out means it does have a lovely pottering vibe during the day and then an evening presence with other venues offering evening meals like Monty's and Ning's Thai.

You can book an evening meal there for a Friday or Saturday by contacting Delaney's

Although Delaney's is closed now due to COVID restrictions they have been open for takeaway food so please contact them to go and grab some food! Then plan to go support them for a supper once the restrictions are lifted.

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