Five Elements Academy

Cristian Lopez from Five Elements Academy has over thirty years of experience in the Internal martial (Kung Fu) and healing arts, including Tai Chi, Qi gong, Meditation, Massage Therapy & Tui Na (Chinese Cupping massage) and other Chinese forms of internal health arts. He has gained various recognitions and diplomas in China (Wudang Mountains) and Europe.

Cristian has devoted his life to helping others less fortunate. For most of his life, he has worked with refugee children, through drama therapy, Tai Chi, Qi gong, and Meditation. Cristian has also worked with vulnerable adults, health industries, the NHS, schools, colleges, university sports centres, and cultural centres around the UK and abroad.

As we all know during these difficult times, many people have been feeling different downward spirals with their wellbeing & mental health. Christian has been helping people to cope during the lockdown with instructional videos and outdoor classes in the areas of Meditation, Tai Chi, and Qi gong. My lessons are held at the moment at the little garden behind the Butterfly Museum around Canoe Lake ’10am Wed – Thurs’ (until the end of September – 6 people max). Classes for all, beginners included, will start on Monday the 5th of October at St. Margaret’s Church, Highland Road, Southsea.

See the list below :

Mondays : 6-7pm (Meditation, Qi gong & Taoist Alchemy. Mechanisms of transformation for a better life.)   – Tuesday : 10am (Tai Chi and Qi gong)   – Wednesday : 10am (Outdoor lesson, – Weather permitting) Canoe Lake.   – Wednesdays: 6-7pm (Tai Chi and Qi gong for Beginners)   – Thursday : 10am (Self defence for Women only)

Contact Christian if you need to know any more details number : 07905 417517

Here is a simple method to relax the mind and the body during these times:

1. Sit or stand comfortably with your eyes closed and place your palms on top of your knees facing down (for sitting meditation only) or hold your hands one on top of the other around your belly area (for standing meditation only).

2.  Focus on the sounds that you can hear around you ie: traffic, wind blowing, birds, or just people walking. Try not to fight the sounds around you. Just invite the sounds by acknowledging them.

3. After you have gathered the sounds. Focus on the tip of your nose and observe with the eyes closed how the air enters your nostrils (observe this phenomenon). Then gently focus on the air traveling downwards towards your belly (don’t use a hard mental labour to achieve this). Then stop and contemplate what do you feel by doing that.

4. Once you feel that you are on much calmer grounds or relaxed (not sleepy). Bring the attention to your hips and thighs making sure that they do relax as you carry on the air entering from your nostrils downwards towards the feet.

5. Once you have reached both feet, take the time to acknowledge the sensations and the shape of your feet.

6. Then start gently ascending with mind & breath combined, from your toes upwards to the top of your hips. Pause, feel the sensation that you get.

7. Now continue following the upward path from the tip of your spine to the top of your head as you will reach again your front nostrils. (This is the circle that you will practice to relax the body and distract the mind from the mundane world).

8. Pause, observe, and relax contemplating the whole path that you have done. Do this without judging with the mind and enjoy the process. Feel what you have experienced and enjoy.  Then repeat again from part number one.

Enjoy your happy simple meditation!



By Christian Lopez