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I first met Becky from Hartt Cakes at a networking event which was so different to anything I had attended before. First of all there were people moving around the venue to the different stations that had unique offerings for the guests and one of these stands had Becky smiling, offering biscuits you could decorate yourself. The idea was that you could ice your business logo onto a nice, sweet biscuit that came in beautiful packaging – I was hooked!

From that evening on I followed Becky's journey and wondered what kind of sweet delights she would create next. And then when the pandemic hit I loved the way Becky adapted her business and worked on NHS worker biscuits that could be sent to a loved one, whether that be friend or relative that was working on the frontline in the first lockdown. The roll out of this creation was a huge success and I felt Becky had really touched on something that was not just about being kind but also being thoughtful to others.

Wowing us with biscuits is only a tiny part of what Becky does and when I grilled her over Zoom about where cake making came from, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Becky is only 25 years old and yet has been cake making for 11 years! Having a huge interest in a cake programme called 'Ace of Cakes' at the age of 14 Becky started making novelty cakes for fun. This soon turned into friends and relatives wanting more of the cake maker's skills and loving the style of Becky's designs. Making the transition from hobby to a full-time cake business became a natural one as Becky is not only very talented but has a real feeling this is what she was always meant to do.

Chatting about the world of cakes and other Instagram accounts, I asked Becky what makes her cakes different? Her response was “I like to work with lovely recipes in the cake itself so flavours like Spiced Apple and White Chocolate Rasberry with home made lemon curd are firm favourites amongst my clients. I only work with ganache and I feel this style really stands out for me."

Introducing a 'Try Before You Buy' tasting box has proved very popular amongst couples planning on tying the knot. For £25 you get a great selection of cakes and this amount is deducted from your final balance if you wish to place an order for a celebration or wedding cake.

Producing cakes that are unique, taste amazing and follow a design that is a smooth process from start to finish is not always an easy thing to do but Becky makes it look flawless and really cares about her clients. The testimonials speak for themselves if you visit the website and view some of the spectacular cakes that have been made.

If you are planning a wedding and would like to reach out to Becky then now is a good time to be in touch, with weddings going ahead in the next few weeks and especially towards the end of the year. Hartt Cakes require a minimum of 3 months notice but a year is preferable. If you secure your wedding date, you will be sent a link to book your complimentary cake design consultation. A cake design consultation is a great opportunity for Becky to know exactly what you would like in regards to the cake. After your consultation, Hartts Cakes will get to work on sketch designs and send them to you via email for your approval. This can take from 4-6 weeks!

Birthday cakes and special occasion cakes can be bought from Becky too, so have a look at the website and see what you fancy!

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