Hey Hey Ginger

Hey Hey Ginger is a cool, brand focus of 28-year-old Kate who I met down at the Hotwall Studios market day. The market was in conjunction with the new Traders Keep where, for the first time, the historic Round Tower was opened up to the public and curated to include great artisans selling all kinds of exciting things.

I originally fell in love with the plant milk pins Kate has for sale and with a vegan focus this week at Southsea Folk, I just had to share this delightful brand. Kate has red hair which sits perfectly with the brand name and has a very youthful appearance, she could easily get away with saying she is still at uni! Her motto is to create illustrated products that make you do a silly smile. A simple, joyful and effective mission.

Kate went to Uni to study photography but popped along to a sewing group and fell in love with making things. Being encouraged to do more, her ideas and creations led to setting up a stall and providing an online shop through Etsy.

Feeling nervous about mentioning to Kate that in fact I am not vegan, it was interesting to hear her say that actually she isn’t either! Kate just wanted to cut dairy out of her diet for health reasons and it had a positive effect on her. Quite new to the vegan diet, I am beginning to understand that some people just want to remove dairy but not actually link it to cutting out meat. There are a lot of ways and reasons people want to reduce animal products in their diet and I have been spending some time these last few weeks trying to cut dairy myself. Because I have sinus issues, someone suggested to me that cutting out milk and dairy could help improve things. I’ve been giving it a go and I have to say I think it has helped me, so I understood where Kate was coming from.

Although I found the lovely plant milk pins first, I also loved the iron on patches that were available to buy and especially the ‘Hot Choc Squad’ one priced at £7.00. Kate’s varied work made for a great, colourful stand which sits beside other creatives really well but was still eye-catching with its humour.

Being the first Traders Keep it was a wonderful crowd down at the Hotwalls. There was a talented lad playing some great music and singing out in the sunshine. All the studios were open and the market stalls were set out cleverly in-between the square tower and the round tower. From traditional media artists to potters, jewellery made from leather to stalls showcasing makers work there was a lot to keep you interested. It was great to see so many creatives from our area being showcased!

Kate plans to work part-time going forward and that will allow her more time to dedicate to her product line. There will also be a push to get these fabulous pieces in cafes and shops. Check out Kate’s work by going online and also follow her via social media for updates and new products. This was the first market stand that Kate has set up this year but has many ideas and plans for doing lots more, so keep a look out for what is bound to be a growing success!

By Louise O’Brien