Hormones On The Blink

Hitting 50 last month made me realise just how fortunate I am to live in such a time where menopause is being talked about. There is more support for women in their 40’s and 50’s than ever before. We have seen celebrities like Davina really speak out and push for women who are going through this part of their lives and get the help they need. I have seen that HR departments up and down the country are calling for more awareness of employers and the rights of women at work and one local independent business on a mission to help women is Hormones On The Blink!

Sophie who runs this amazing forward-thinking business is in her very early 40s and I watched her go through a difficult time which turned out to be perimenopausal symptoms. Her GP ignored what was going on as apparently, Sophie was too young to go through something like this. Having known this cool chick for a long time as we are both Interior fanatics and the fact I have followed her amazing Instagram account for so long means I was upset to see the journey Sophie was on. Being nearly ten years older than her, I found myself thinking of my own women’s health and what might be going on with me too. It made me stop and think if there were symptoms I was passing off as something else. I stopped and took time for myself and also read up on perimenopause symptoms that women my age can have.

Once Sophie had started on a path of discovery about her health and getting in a good place, she soon decided to retrain and become a menopause trainer and coach as a way to help others. Not only is this a brave move but also a kind, courageous one that really has made a difference to so many women, locally and nationally.

I asked Sophie about her journey and she said, " I am a qualified Peri to Post menopause trainer and coach. I first realised I was perimenopausal when I was 41. I was ill prepared and wrongly thought that menopause symptoms were something you didn’t need to worry about until you were in your 50’s . The symptoms I experienced greatly impacted my personal relationships, my family and my work. I really struggled to get the right help and instead was offered anti-depressants or contraceptive pills as a solution. It took a lot of reading, researching and talking to other women to finally find the answers I needed. I discovered along the way that there are hundreds of thousands of women out there also fighting the same battle and without the right support. As a result, their careers, personal relationships and overall quality of life are also negatively impacted.

According to a study run by Dr Louise Newson – Menopause specialist “99% of women felt their menopause or perimenopause symptoms had a negative impact on their careers, 59% had taken time off work – 18% for more than eight weeks." I have now been able to access the right help which has enabled me to set up Hormones on the blink to share my experience and retrain with Burrell Education to provide Menopause workshops for both women and men in the workplace . I am very passionate about sharing evidence-based information so that others can be better prepared for a more positive midlife experience benefiting both their work and personal life."

I am not sure what the next few years will bring me as regards to my menopause journey but attending regular meetings with Sophie and other women has really helped me to see that I have other women I can turn to if I feel I need help. Most people think that the main symptoms of menopause are hot flushes and not being able to sleep but I found so far it has been anxiety. It was at such a great height that everyday things were heightened by extreme anxiety. I now take a supplement I found to help relieve this thanks to Sophie’s advice and I now feel tons better! I also take a collagen supplement from Studio B on Osbourne Road and found the girls there so helpful and kind that I honestly believe I couldn’t live without this powder! My joints don’t hurt as much, I have more energy and I feel more like my old self again. 

Facing these years of your life shouldn’t be dragged down by so much stress because you feel alone, let’s face it our mums and grandmas might not have talked about this phase as it was always a taboo subject. Having a platform and a network where you can air your concerns is something to feel positive about. By following Sophie and Hormones on the Blink on socials will allow you to see what resources are there to help

Visiting the website you will find free resources, online training, 1-2-1 consultations and lots of advice from menopause experts that Sophie recommends. From advice on HRT and if it is right for you to natural alternatives to help you get through this phase as smoothly as possible. Watching Sophie absolutely smash this venture in a cool modern way has made me think that we need this story of our women’s life told in a kick ass fashionable way and I love that Sophie brings that to the table!

Chatting about winning an award from local Padmodzi Creatives who held an evening of awards in the same week as International Women’s Day, Sophie said, “To receive the award for #inspirationalwomenofportsmouth in the Business Emerging 1-3 yrs category really was the cherry on the cake. When I started Hormones On The Blink it was initially to share my experience of Perimenopause in the hope it would help others. I felt compelled to do something more and so I set about retraining and starting a business.

My aim was to reach as many women and partners as possible so that the impact on people’s personal and professional lives, would be reduced and women would feel less isolated and alone. So along came the workplace training, the support group, and the menopause courses. But one person does not make this happen. It takes the support of friends, suggesting venues to hold support groups. A venue that lets you hire it just for the cost of a cuppa and it takes the support of family, that are prepared to make financial adjustments to manage a less regular income for a while, so thanks to my husband. It takes a supportive community of women that shout out for you and help to amplify your message and to all these people in my life, I am truly grateful. “

If you feel like you would like to learn more about what Sophie does and how her platform can help then look at the website and socials below and look out for upcoming workshops over the Spring/Summer months. You can also follow the links below for the latest workshops available.