Hungry Herbivores

After supper club last Saturday I managed to grab a few minutes with the lovely Rosie whilst she and her team of helpers for the evening were clearing up. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of dinner but for now, let’s find out more about The Hungry Herbivores.

We sat down to chat in the cosy downstairs area of Hunter-Gatherer Coffee and I thought I’d begin at the beginning: how did it all start?

Rosie used to run a wholesale vegan cake business a few years ago and is now one of the people responsible for the delicious bakes and food at Wild Thyme where she works. The Hungry Herbivores was born after her travels, when she stopped the cake business and took off to see the world. On returning, she had a craving to once again start a project that would enable her creativity to shine. As a food lover who’s skills include graphics and photography, everything fell into place and this side project started as a means to share her love for all things plant-based. Having more experience with sweet treats, she’s been using T.H.H. to experiment and expand her repertoire with savoury flavours.

Originally a pescatarian and then a vegetarian for health reasons, the change to a vegan lifestyle made sense to her and was a gradual process. The longer she’s been vegan the more reasons she has found to support her decision and wants to spread the word about the food available to those who choose (what seems on the outside) a limited diet. T.H.H. blog has found its place in a strong online community of vegans who have been very encouraging of Rosie and her pursuit of all things savoury. She draws influence from this community, particularly liking Minimalist Baker and Avant Garde Vegan. But for me it is the beautiful imagery that sets her blog apart.

T.H.H. is encouraging people to be playful with food and experiment, regardless of labeling yourself a particular way. There’s a world of flavour and texture within vegan food that is most definitely not salad and raw carrot sticks with hummus (nothing wrong with that combination though). Rosie’s travels heavily influenced her food style and she came up with the supper club menu from her love of South East Asian cuisine. She also told me that she feels the flavours of this part of the world lend themselves well this style of food, packing a real punch and a lot of it being vegan anyway.

Where does she eat in Portsmouth and Southsea? Obviously, Rosie mentioned Wild Thyme but with their huge selection of homemade delicacies, who can blame her? She also named Southsea Coffee and of course, Hunter-Gatherer – the hosts of her supper club. Whilst there are plenty of wonderful cafes, I asked Rosie was there anywhere else she liked to eat and she replied that there is room to grow within restaurants and for more places to open up their menus. I would agree! 

What does the future hold for The Hungry Herbivores? Food is her thing but she wants to keep this as her passion project, something to always enjoy and use as a platform for sharing. T.H.H wants to do more things in reality instead of just online, the supper club being her first attempt (a successful one!) at doing just that. The blog has allowed a lot to start happening and although the balance between a side-project and working life is hard, I think her enjoyment and obvious passion will help her forward.

Rosie has a really down to earth, realistic view towards food and her writing is so genuine; yes, bread does take a damn long time to make but it’s worth it every once in a while! Hunting around the blog again, I’ll be making the Turmeric and Olive Oil Loaf (surely you all know my passion for wheat products by now?), Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies and the various ideas for Back To School Sandwiches.

You can keep an eye out for future projects and find yourself some tasty inspiration by following The Hungry Herbivores online via Facebook, Instagram for some gorgeous food photography and the blog for recipes, articles, reviews and “How To’s”.

By Danny

Photo Credits to The Hungry Herbivores