Kuba Grzesik

The feature photo for Southsea Folk comes from Kuba Grzesik, another local photographer whose love of photography started later in life.

I fell in love with his style as I feel he takes such interesting pictures and mostly in black and white, whether that be on the tube, walking down streets in London, or a simple house boat on Hayling Island!

I caught up with Kuba to grill him a little on photography and that photo I chose for the feature.

How did you get into photography?

My adventure with photography has started quite late in my life, and it was related to finally getting a mobile phone with a decent camera. I was amazed at how cool photos are coming out of a mobile phone! However, my appetite for proper gear kicked in at some point, and with a little push from my friends who are photographers, and being totally amazed at a photo album of the surreal Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski, I’ve bought the Sony A6000 with a few lenses, and I really love it! It’s tough to resist the GAS (GEAR ACQUISITION SYNDROME) but this little mirrorless, crop sensor camera is giving me pretty much everything that I need.

How did you take the featured photo?

I like to go for long walks in Southsea and Portsmouth and that’s when I take most of my photos.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to take scenery shots like the promoted one?

It’s important to take your camera with you and start taking photos. I’m trying not to be the harshest judge of my own work, sometimes you will get an outstanding shot but most of the time you will not, I’m constantly trying to keep in mind that first of all photography should be fun!

How have you coped in the lockdown times we have had over the 18 months?

It was a difficult and challenging time for all of us. I was lucky to work throughout the lockdown, and in my spare time, I’ve watched many documentaries about photography to keep up the fire of inspiration.

Where do you want readers to find you? 

Readers can find me on Instagram. My handle is @hellbeerski


By Louise O’Brien