Megan Elizabeth Designs

With Victorious nearly upon us, I’ve been looking into the local creatives and businesses you can take a visit to on Market Way. Today I wanted to shine a light on the fabulous Megan Elizabeth Designs owned by … well … Megan!

An independent artist and illustrator from Leek, Staffordshire, Megan moved down south in 2016 and now works from her seaside studio in Gosport. I first saw her work at a Love Southsea market down Palmerston Road and was pretty enamoured with her brightly coloured botanical bee cushions. She makes and creates a wide variety of products from felt, cushions and textiles, t-shirts, stickers, cards and prints. She’s always exhibiting at local markets and events whilst recently finding the time to paint a giant mural -phew! There’s a lot to choose from in her shop, but her designs work across such a broad range that there’s something for everyone. Megan’s influences include family life, quotes and magical woodlands – expect creatures, critters and lovely botanicals here and there. Her illustrative style also lends itself to recent logo commissions for Tiny Leaf Florist and Wilderness Wildflowers.

Popular products include her Grim Reaper series, featuring taglines such as “Death Before Decaf” and “Hail Seitan”. The Reaper is available as mugs, cards and soft cotton t-shirts screen printed in black and white. I’m a big fan of her ‘Black Cat Club’ iron-on patches which are absolutely adorable and the perfect addition to bags or jackets; a cute little cat face in white stitching peeking out of a circular black patch. Her multi-pack vinyl stickers are also a best seller featuring magic rabbits, bees, the black cat club and finally some wondrous mountains.

Megan also creates a range of hilarious cards and I saw some fantastic ones around Father’s Day at the Hotwall’s market; “Sorry I’m expensive” and “Thank you for making me” stayed in my mind. She also offers personalised lobster cards, for your lobster (bonus points if you get the Friends reference) as well as emergency card kits so you’ll never get caught out again.

For the quality and design of her products, everything is super affordable! Take yourself along over the Victorious weekend and make an independent artist very happy!

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Megan’s online shop is here  in case you also fall in love with her bee cushions and can’t fit it in your festival bag.


By Danny Alexander