Mindset Musings

Being an early riser and exploring the scenery at sunrise every day made Ben Miles explore audiobooks as something to listen to on his first walk of the day. Over 5 years he said he had really taken a huge liking to podcasts. Chatting about how valuable they are he said “I like how they can be relaxing but also give an insight into a niche subject. You can listen to comedy or meditation but then enjoy a crime podcast or sports. Whether you are walking, driving to work, or cleaning your car, you have the flexibility of when and where you listen to them. You can dip in and out of a podcast almost like reading a book and the wide range of podcasts available now is mindblowing."

Having all this insight into podcasts and being an entrepreneur himself, Ben said he felt it was an exciting time to launch a podcast with a friend Simon Gardiner who is also a successful local businessman in Portsmouth. Living in an area in Hampshire where we are classed as one of the best cities to set up a business and be an entrepreneur really lends itself to the scope of economic growth in Portsmouth but also the advice that goes with that statistic. Both men decided to use their skills and knowledge to give an insight and shine a reality on what it takes to have great achievements in business as well as the challenges and failures that may happen along the journey. The careers they have both had means they have met some great business people and so look out for cool guests like Sam Matterface the Chief Sports Commentator for ITV and Talksport. Ben said he loves how the podcast explores being in business and offers sometimes really deep conversations but also people questioning their career path and the struggles they may have faced during their life. Listening to the first podcast which is about sports you get a real feel that Si and Ben really love football which comes across in their first interview!

Mindset Musings is going to offer a wonderful array of guests but also from different fields whether that be media, sports, and other sectors. Listening to the first episode you really get a feel that both Ben and Simon have spent a lot of time working on their own personal growth and leadership skills to carry them through not only professionally but from a personal standpoint too.

These two chaps are proud Pompey lads that have both racked up a lot of connections and network of people in their careers. Chatting to Ben he has an aura around him that shows he could pretty much put his hand to anything. He has wisdom but has a very open, calming nature that allows him to influence his ideas. Being a Co-Founder and working hard to form Victorious music festival is no small project and to still be a part of that foundation shows determination and strength. This festival is considered one of the top UK events and although music has had a terrible year, this festival has grown from strength to strength. Ben also has a passion for food and the hospitality industry, he co-owns pubs and eateries across town.

Simon is a co-founder of a successful award-winning security company that employs a huge amount of people and is one of the fastest-growing recruitment companies in the UK. I love how both these guys have similar interests and both really do have a mindset of positivity and working on personal development and growth. You can tell they will have sat for hours talking about business, commitment, and entrepreneurialism in the pub alongside their chats around sport!

A great interviewer is someone that really likes to hear people's stories and you really grab that with Ben as he talks in the first intro episode about how when he listens to people's careers and stories of their life there are always some fascinating points to hear! Simon really draws you in like a true leader would in questioning whether you should follow a business guru or not and to take value from real people that have worked for a long time in an industry while possessing true skills to advise you or offer guidance. I really see value in this podcast as I think if you own a small business it allows you to look at how other people might have succeeded and failed but learned from that, which may help your mindset for the future. It also allows you to think about your goals and working on your own growth and achievement.

What I mostly love about this podcast is the positivity it brings, just chatting to Ben for an hour you really feel the warm positive energy that he carries in his life whether that be through his work commitments or his family and there is definitely a lot to gain from exploring this podcast. Even if you drop into the first episode and don't like sports you can learn a lot from hearing the guest's career path and focus to help you in your life.

Well done boys, can't wait to hear the rest of the series and see who pops on for a chat.

If you want to listen to Mindset Musings which has had an amazing response in its first week by hitting the top 100 business charts then see the links below.