Nervous About Non-Fiction

Nervous About Non-Fiction?

It can be a big and scary leap from the world of fiction into non-fiction but that’s no reason to avoid it all together. Whether you’re keen to learn something new or want to read something real then you’re absolutely looking in the right place. Non-fiction can be educational, enlightening, and utterly fantastic so let’s dive straight in.

The amount of sub-genres can be overwhelming so let me introduce a few favourites:


While I’m not technically sure they count as a genre, mini-books are a great place to start for the easily startled. Usually, around the 100-page mark and approximately A6 size, mini-books can be a great starting point for non-fiction beginners.

What White People Can Do Next – Emma Dabiri

An extension of her online work, Dabiri expertly analyses why allyship isn’t enough and coalition should be the aim in anti-racism work. A great start for anyone wanting to learn about racism and colourism.

No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference – Greta Thunberg

A collection of Thunberg’s speeches from her travels to various governing bodies, sure to inspire the start of your own green journey.


If reading about someone real means something more to you then memoirs will be for you. Whether it’s a solo author or a collection, they can transfix and be incredibly powerful.

We Have Always Been Here – Samra Habib

‘A Queer Muslim Memoir’. Written as poetically as fiction, I was captivated in Habib’s story. Covering important topics such as sexuality, religion, immigration and so much more, I can’t recommend this enough. So much so that I had to include it in one of my subscription boxes, click here to see it in it’s glory and keep reading on for more detail on the boxes.

The Good Immigrant – Edited by Nikesh Shukla

A powerful collection of twenty-one authors from BAME backgrounds describing what home in the UK means to them. The voices compliment each other perfectly

and I couldn’t put it down. Another non-fiction chosen for my subscription boxes and can be found here.

Personal Development

Perhaps you’re looking for something on a more personal level. While there are so many that fall under the self-help and personal development genre, the below are two of my recent favourites.

The Power Hour – Adrienne Herbert

Do you feel like you could be getting more out of the day? This is the book for you. Herbert’s first book is a follow on from her hit podcast about utilising your time in the morning before the rest of the world wakes up.

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker

This one is a bit heavier but was such an interesting read. Get ready for science and studies galore from an author that doesn’t mind if you fall asleep reading his work. This will definitely have you getting into bed earlier and earlier.

Social Injustice and Societal Issues

How about something looking at societal injustice, something that maybe has you nodding along to all the way through and gives you those wonderful ‘a-ha!’ moments?

Trick Mirror – Jia Tolentino

For a critical analysis on modern life, it doesn’t get much better than Tolentino’s debut. With essays on reality TV, the music industry, drugs, feminist protagonists and more, this book does a deep dive into each subject. The final book on my list that I just had to include in my subscription when I read it, you can find it here.

Feminism Interupted – Lola Olufemi

If you’ve been looking for feminist theory, then look no further. Covering the problematic issues with traditional and modern feminism, this book is sure to start conversations.

Sometimes I read a book and I just need to talk to someone about it. My poor partner gets sections read out loud to him at all hours of the night. All of the above are books that I’ve done that with and especially those I’ve chosen to be a part of the monthly book subscription I run called The Bookish Mindset. Each month I create a new box with a new theme and new book. The boxes contain a book bought from the wonderful Pigeon Books on Albert Road, two products from small businesses, and a tea from the brilliant Bird & Blend.

Each month we switch between fiction and non-fiction and hold diversity and inclusion very close to our hearts. This counts not just in the authors and stories told but in the small businesses too.

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Thank you as ever to Pigeon Books for always being inspirational and for being my book supplier for these boxes. It’s always a pleasure to work with Mel and Phil and if you haven’t got down to 1 Albert Road yet then I highly recommend you do!

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