PodCulture Vultures

PodCulture Vultures is a new podcast where two mates (Kev and Dean) have known each other all of their adult life and manage to pull off this double act like two greats that have been doing it for 10 years – not a few weeks! Cheeky is definitely a word to describe this podcast with lots of swearing and well, two mates sharing their opinions which might not be everyone's but they don't care because it's fun and it's their journey as they sit and talk like they would in the pub about old films, new films, laughing about TV programmes and especially music. That's part of the charm though, how these cheeky chappies have such a rapport including impersonations and little clips of films and quotes throughout the recording of the show.

Starting college and both being music students they connected straight away like two peas in a pod! Having their friendship span over 20 years and spending so much time talking about music and films they love has been a way of life for these two geezers.

Lockdown changed things for the two friends, just like the rest of us. Suddenly the boys couldn't meet up and talk about what they do best, films and music, so they decided to set up a podcast which was literally like they were in the pub chatting over a pint but actually they were both in their own homes and sharing their stories and chats over a recording.

Chatting to Dean he said, “We both missed meeting up and chatting about what had made us laugh during the week over a pint so we thought why not do this as a recording and share what we laugh about with others out there? Maybe what we are laughing about might cheer someone up or make them laugh and lift their mood like it has ours. Having really missed not being able to go to the pub and socialise, this project has really helped us to get through this lockdown."

I couldn't agree more. Having listened to the latest episode 'Pryor & Wilder' it genuinely made me want to watch Stir Crazy, a 1980’s film I haven't seen for years! The way the duo Kev and Dean review this film literally has you in stitches even if you have never seen it, describing little known facts about the film in between clips makes this an interesting listen.

PodCulture Vultures offers listeners a funny but knowledgable insight and conversation into old classics we adore like the film Mannequin, which is in the next episode going out this week. Loving soundtracks in films myself we chatted about how that can really make a film and how it's great to step away from the latest Netflix record-breaking, binge-watching series and just kick back and enjoy a classic!

Speaking about the future and the fact both lads love music Kev said, “We hope to bring in some live music when lockdown eases and where we can support the local music scene." I think that would be cool but I am loving this podcast just as it is to be honest. Anything that can make me laugh in these hard times when all you want to do is see your family you haven't hugged for 10 months gets my vote!

Listen out next week for Kev and Dean on Episode 30 of the Southsea Folk podcast where we will be laughing and having funny chats with the boys about the series and what ideas they have coming up.

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