Pretty Green Pots and Plants

Greetings from Pretty Green HQ and a very warm welcome to our new monthly article where we hope to inspire and celebrate all things house plants and the ceramic pots that bring life and nature to our homes.

Is it just me or is the vibrant green of a healthy house plant against the familiar shade of a terracotta pot, just a beautiful combination of colour? Suitable for any room of the home regardless of its purpose or the interior design. The combination is timeless and by my reckoning always will be.

I can’t be sure when I first became a plant lover as I never really had any plants around the house as a child. It was only when I moved into a home with plenty of natural light that we really began to notice the progress of the house plants. Care was reciprocated and the experience rewarding. Discovering how plants respond to this is just a delight and so the passion was born.

So, to introduce ourselves, here at Pretty Green Pots & Plants we’re a youthful business, just starting out in fact. During the long days of lockdown, we spent much time considering our futures and where our careers were taking us. Without those introspective moments, the thought of creating our own business and pursuing our passion for indoor plants may never have occurred.

With the notion fast becoming real and the dinner table enthusiasm the hot topic of the day, the idea moved on to include the pots our beautiful plants came in. The Pretty Green mission statement was soon established to be as plastic free as possible so we turned to the colourful world of ceramics. The Southsea art community is a fantastically rich place of talented artists, extraordinary really for such a small area. The Pretty Green little black book led us to the lovely Lynn, otherwise known as ceramist Southsea Mudlark. Visiting her charming studio, we commissioned a range of pots exclusive to our brand which upon collection were as stunning as we’d hoped.

So, on a stinking bloody hot day in June, we set up our stall at the Love Southsea Market. Under a gazebo, we arranged our wares with the expectation and nerves our hopeful future deserved. We had nothing to worry about. The Southsea folk were there in their droves and more than willing to discuss at length their relationships with house plants. Some spent time explaining how plants simply didn’t survive their care, while others were struggling to work out where to put yet another plant in their homes. We don’t pretend to be experts yet here at Pretty Green – the journey is long! But we’re certainly enthusiastic and passionate about what we do and I’m pretty sure that’s how our customers felt as they walked away with a beautiful plant to care for and a summer smile. Pretty Green was off the ground with a lovely day at Love Southsea Market and certainly not our last.

And so, what can you – lovely reader – expect from us here at Pretty Green HQ each month? I think plant anecdotes are going to be fairly dull, so I’ll avoid that. I hope to talk about plants for the home, plant care, their healing qualities, and air-purifying abilities. I want to explore why we love them in our homes so much and can be just as important as our pets. So, see you next month and don’t forget everybody, plants just like us, respond to love.

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By Jules Davies