Reiki Experience

I first met Jenni from Surfing the Sea of Life in the car park of our flats on Castle Road. She lives above me and I helped her with her bags. She told me she’d just finished a vision board workshop. I was interested… I’ve seen The Secret… I LOVE a good vision board! She briefly told me she was a Reiki practitioner and life coach. ‘Cool’ I thought and I looked up her Facebook page when I got home. When we had our launch party I invited Jenni and she came along for mingling and glasses of fizz. “Come down to the flat” I slurred, “I’ll do a feature on you”. I wanted to hear more about her work. So last Friday evening Jenni came down (in her slippers) and told me how she got into Reiki. She was in Thailand and was suffering from a sprained ankle. People kept mentioning Reiki so she gave it a go to see what all the fuss was about… and the rest was history! She completed a course in Thailand (an attunement if you will), followed it with the obligatory 21 day cleanse and it altered the course of her life.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddist. It’s based on the theory that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows within us. If the energy is low we’re likely to be affected by stress and illness and, if the energy’s high, we’re healthier and happier. A Reiki practitioner lays their hands close to the patient to encourage the energy to flow and promote a glowing radiance that will impact on body, mind and spirit.

Jenni was explaining to me that human beings are just energy and the only thing that makes us different (to household objects etc) is the vibrations. Her business name is so apt, she sees life like surfing. “We can’t stop the waves” she explains “but we can learn how to ride them, choose the ones to catch or avoid and get the skills needed to be prepared, safe and living in the moment”.

We put some relaxing music on and I sat in a chair. Jenni encouraged me to take some deep cleansing breaths and then the treatment began. It was just a taster and lasted 20 minutes but I felt so relaxed and I could feel the warm energy coming from her hands. I felt in a bit of a meditative state afterwards and felt really balanced. I spent the rest of my Friday night drinking water and herbal tea and enjoyed the blissful ‘zen’ state.

The day after I felt really tearful all day, it was so bizarre and I’m sure it was an emotional ‘release’ from the treatment. I told Jenni and she said “stuff is being shifted. When we see emotional responses to things as neither positive nor negative, they just are, we have major breakthroughs!” Speaking to Jenni and having the treatment really encouraged me to delve deeper into spiritual practices. The chakras system (seven energy centres that align the spine and impact physiological and neurological systems in the body) really makes sense to me. I’ve been doing some reading, some chakra yoga and chakra balancing meditation (all on trusty Youtube!). I can visualise the energy centres in my body with the corresponding colours and really feel each area of my life balancing. At the Self Love Workshop in February I was given a rose quartz crystal (to attract love) and I was carrying it around religiously… until I lost it. I needed more rose quartz in my life (pronto) so I asked for Jenni’s advice on where to go. She recommended Aristia on Albert Road so I popped along and it did not disappoint! My friend and I perused crystals and their different meanings, sniffed calming aromatherapy blends and learnt about local healers who specialise in astrological life coaching. I’m really keen to learn about my birth chart next, I think it will be a really valuable tool to help explain my natural strengths as well as understanding the areas in life I struggle with.

Check out Jenni’s website to find out how she could work with you, either through Reiki or life coaching. Also, check out her Facebook page to keep an eye on her events. She does regular vision board workshops at the new tennis pavilion and, on 12th April, she’s doing an intro talk about surfing the sea of life.

By Helen Ruff