The Apothecary

Meeting Wendy from Budds Herbal Apothecary was a breath of fresh air, such a lovely person with a good ethos and offering a fantastic service. I have only ever been to one other apothecary and that was The Cabinet of Curiosities in Howarth. I have to say it had a different feel to it, being one of the oldest apothecaries in England it had a historical feel and walking around it felt like you were in a museum with grand mahogany glass cabinets, and great big antique countersgreeting you at every turn. I honestly didn't think I would walk inside one close to my home in Southsea!Inside Budd's Herbal Apothecary lies a very different shop, it has a working feel to it; so busy, lots of people popping in and out. While I was there I think I saw 10 people arrive all wanting different herbal products. The large windows make it light and airy and it has a calming effect when you stand at the counter. Looking up at the large bottles that sit above the display units, you find yourself drawn to every label. All different types of herbal tea can be bought as well as lots of different herbs and potions to help with all kind of ailments.

Being a Medical Herbalist means Wendy, who trained for 4 years, can offer expert advice on herbal medications and how to get the best out of them for your health. Wendy offers a consultation too which helps people with chronic ailments get the best treatment. While I was there, two of Wendy's clients came in for their usual catch up and you can tell Wendy builds up a great rapport with her regulars which means she puts her heart into helping to make them better.

While I was sat asking questions I was offered a herbal tea made with cranberries and fresh ginger. It was so nice! I just want to go back so I can try some more of Wendy's tea!
Because a medical herbalist works holistically it means that if you go for a consultation you get to sit down and explain all your symptoms. Wendy will look at you as a whole person; your emotional well-being right through to your diet and lifestyle. You might be surprised to know these all sit side by side and all have an impact on your overall health. The end result that Wendy wants to give you is radiant health and, well, you can't ask for more than that can you?

The word 'Apothecary' comes from apotheca, meaning a place where wine, spices and herbs were stored. During the thirteenth century, it was introduced to our country to describe a person who kept a shop or sometimes a street stall selling these items. In medieval times an apothecary was the equivalent of what we call a GP today, they prepared and sold medicines to physicians and directly to patients. In addition, they offered medical advice and other products. When I look at Wendy, I see someone who wants to make someone better in a holistic way without the harmful use of chemicals and drugs that can quite often have side effects and make symptoms worse.

Having recently had a cold, I asked for some advice for my nose. Straight away, Wendy started pouring a liquid into a brown bottle and told me to have it with hot water. I felt like Harry Potter walking home with my brown bottle, I am not going to lie! It was quite exciting to think what herbs and spices were in my medicine. Being given some Kombucha to try at a recent workshop I also bought a bottle of the stuff from Wendy, which apparently helps your gut and builds a good immune system so I thought I would try some!

Sitting on Albert Road and being there for 6 years means this place is very established. When Wendy isn't talking about herbs and helping people to get to optimum health she loves to cook and bake. Dancing is a love she has and attends a Zumba class and Yoga to feel in balance with her body. Without a doubt I will definitely be going back, I can't wait to try some more herbs and potions!

Featured Image by Carrie Lavers