The Crappy Bits Of Pregnancy Book

Why would anyone want to write a book about the crappy bits of pregnancy? Well for a start if you have a good sense of humour you might want to document your journey in a tongue in cheek kind of way that you can look back on and smile. That's what Chantelle Wyatt did. Never wanting children herself she helped her two best friends become a wonderful family by being a surrogate mum and helping them to fulfill their dream.

To describe Chantelle in a nutshell she is a girl that is bubbly and has so much energy and enthusiasm in everything she does. From working in a school to heading up Scuba News UK, being a scuba diver, and also working in a pub (when she has the time), there is nothing that phases this girl.

Personally, I had a thing for pineapple with my first pregnancy that I even bought pineapple washing up liquid! I also had a massive obsession with beetroot and my eldest throws up at the sight of anyone eating beetroot now ha ha. With my second pregnancy I had cravings for tinned tomato sandwiches, I know! but it happened. There are so many parts to pregnancy that people don't think to mention so buying this book for someone will make them laugh and maybe cry too as you know how those pregnancy hormone emotions take over!

I wouldn't suggest buying this book for someone trying for a baby as it might seriously put them off and I can't see the family planning clinic holding it in stock…. wait maybe that might help curb the not planned pregnancy section. I would suggest buying this for a family member or friend who is already pregnant as it will make them feel like they aren't alone as not every day in pregnancy is a bed of roses.

I caught up with Chantelle to ask a few questions about the book which has funny statements on every page and if you have had the pleasure of being pregnant will be able to sympathise with a lot of these quotes!

Hi Chantelle, I loved the book, so funny and fab illustrations. What was pregnancy like for you?

I am not a Mother but I had a baby for two dads and my little book about the crappy bits of pregnancy is for any woman who got a hemorrhoid, or cried at nothing for no reason when pregnant. They are all awesome and I think we should all pat ourselves on the back for the rest of our lives because we grew a person!

I didn't feel ashamed for having days when I wanted to sit on my ass and not move or to eat my weight in food or to scream at the top of my lungs because I had wet myself, again. It was all part of it and those bits are the bits I am most proud of. Pregnancy is the most special thing, it's also the hardest thing and I think it is ok to say that out loud without feeling like a dick, hence my little book came about. There is so much pressure to have the perfect pregnancy and it's like, just get through it however you want without the pressure of how everyone else is doing. The stress of thinking you have to feel like a million dollars when you actually don't etc.

From the book you would think you didn't enjoy any of the 9  months is this true? 

I loved the whole process and felt incredibly honoured to have been a part of making such a special, loving little family.

I loved being pregnant don't get me wrong, it was one of the most incredible experiences that I have ever had. It's bananas really when you think about how it all comes to be, the timing, all of the things that have to be in place for that little person to grow. It blew my mind in all seriousness. The bits I now look back on and giggle about are the bits that at the time I hated. I remember everyone telling me how great it was to be pregnant and how much of a glow I had. In reality, I thought to myself, 'What the shit!' I was tired, my back hurt, I had to pee every ten seconds, I was terrified of what birth would be like. I mean there is a bigger picture to it all of course but the things you go through to get to that are enormous. I developed a total love, respect, and hat off attitude to women who had had a kid and done it more than once.

Did you really understand what you were taking on? 

I knew what I was taking on and I was happy to. I love that I got the opportunity to see what my body was capable of and it's the most wonderful thing ever to see a tiny person, an actual real person that you grew and nurtured pop out of your body in one piece. The wave of feeling proud of yourself that sweeps over you is quite something.

I really enjoyed understanding an insight in to someone else's pregnancy, and even though Chantelle does point out some pretty crappy bits in the book she also has an endearing element to her view of this experience and that's what makes this pink little book you can fit in a handbag special.

You can buy this book direct from Chantelle here and hopefully in other places too when Covid restrictions lift.