The Lagoon at SBH

So, the struggle of what to gift for Christmas is over. And now we’re left with the looming dread of Valentine’s Day (or any other life event to be honest).

How do you stand out? How do you actually get something different?

A gift card! (stay with me here)
But not just any gift card.

I’m talking local business, unique treatments and handmade products gift card. I’m specifically talking about The Lagoon Treatment Room at Southsea Bathing Hut.

I’ve been eyeing up the treatment menu since they launched and decided to see if anyone took my very strong hint for Christmas.
Spoiler; they did.
I was very grateful to receive a treatment gift card, all packaged up in a silver gift box, and booked over the phone for my massage.

The Lagoon is tucked away discreetly in the back of the shop. I filled out the necessary forms and was invited in to make myself comfortable whilst Susie introduced herself. The space is incredibly chilled out, as is the shop to be honest! Low ceiling, candle burning, music on and painted a deep, gorgeous blue that was so calming without feeling dark and oppressive in a smaller space. The scent of the candle was everywhere, really beautiful, and I totally forgot to ask which one it was as they produce High Tide and Low Tide soy wax scented candles.

I hopped up onto the table which was heated, perfect for a cold January day, and let Susie work her magic. She was so friendly, made me feel comfortable and we had a small chat as she got started.

I’m a huge fan of massages. I find the benefits are mental as well as physical. There’s something really cathartic about having your knots worked out in a calming space where you can’t think or worry about anything else. I hold a lot of tension in my upper back and neck and Susie was very talented at really working on those spots. The pressure she used was perfect (for me) and although a little sore the next day (she did warn me!), I like that after a Deep Tissue treatment. She also mentioned if you’re looking for someone to go to regularly, that therapists get to know your body and what’s normal for you – unlike hopping around or spa days where you’re one of a long line of people: You’ll probably never see that person again and we all have our quirks, preferences and individual bodies that would benefit from a professional getting to know you. I’d never thought of that before and it resonated with me as I left feeling much less tense and a lot looser – not to mention completely relaxed!

After any treatment you get 15% off in the shop for one hour. The lady in store (I can’t remember her name!) was also lovely, having a quick chat as I looked at a few products to pick up once I’d run out of things. I felt no pressure to immediately buy anything, nor was I rushed out for the next person having their treatment after me.

It’s very special to have a local and independent business that not only makes natural skincare of such quality, but uses it in their own treatments on site. I can’t imagine a more beautiful gift for someone than an introduction to that. The Gift Card meant I could choose a time and date that suited me, allowing for lots of flexibility if you’re not sure when someone is free. The space felt safe, service was personal and the massage was excellent. I’ll certainly be back!

Gift Cards for The Lagoon are available online or in-store.
Not sure which treatment someone might like? Pop in and have a chat with the team or read about them all here 

By Danny Alexander

Photo by The SBH