The Southsea Deli

Can you remember when that exciting new deli opened a few doors along from the Emporium? How eager we all were to see this place take shape and show us some fantastic food?

Well, it has been just over a year since The Southsea Deli opened! I caught up with one of the owners Daniel to find out where his business is one year on.

Catching up, drinking tea and sitting around THAT huge, rustic table (it’s earned as much of a reputation as the food) which has encouraged conversation and community, we talked about all the things that have happened and where his business is one year on.

Daniel said that it has been an amazing year, successfully opening the deli and showcasing food from local suppliers and further afield in the UK: Sourcing a wide variety of foods from the most succulent tomatoes on the Isle of White, to the best buffalo mozzarella in Hampshire – there is so much choice on offer. They also provide a lovely selection of baked delights, perfect quiches and mouth-watering daily salads, it really is the perfect stop to grab a bite to eat and have a quality coffee or hot beverage.

The same principles are here that were in place from the start; using local suppliers to help contribute to the perfect atmosphere. Rose Clover still provide beautiful flowers whilst Bear Metal Industries supplied the new back wall area to provide more shelving and space. Daniel and his mum Gillian’s passion is still there, to offer top quality produce and food whilst delivering a gentle, relaxing cafe vibe along the way.

One of my favourite things to hit the deli this year has been the addition of the workshops. By providing a laid-back setting with small classes and a wide choice of workshops to choose from, it has given people a fun way to get out, get involved in food and improve those culinary skills. The care, attention and small class sizes mean the workshops do sell out quickly, so make sure you follow The Southsea Deli across social media for the latest dates. Having a foodie for a husband, he loved attending one of the pasta-making workshops and it was money well spent with new ideas (and leftovers!) coming back home, much to my delight. Gathering like-minded people who love food and encouraging them to mingle, have fun and learn new ways of creating dishes in a chilled environment brings so much to the high street and you can see that Daniel loves adding an independent vibe to Southsea.

Another new focus has been the hampers that became available before Christmas. Using sustainable packaging (great for the environment) along with good quality ingredients such as special vinegars, rubs, salts and condiments as well as artisan chocolate and oils, means you can have a nice-looking gift for someone which has been carefully thought out.

Because the deli has a relaxed, casual feel, it was inevitable that it would turn into a place that could be used for evening events. The local Supper Club is situated here and offers the chance to have a 3-course meal gathered around THAT table, so you can enjoy your surroundings and meet other like-minded food lovers over a long evening. Having great chefs creating the menus means something new and inspiring each time, making for a special evening out. Supper Clubs are intimate with limited numbers (creating the perfect atmosphere) and very popular, so be quick to book your place or you will miss out. The next one is on April 12th, a vegan special focusing on Sri Lankan flavours and recipes – delicious!

It is always nice to watch a new business grow into their surroundings and the Southsea Deli has become a firm favourite with the locals, not just because of what is on offer with regards to food, but because there has been genuine friendship and fondness grown over time between the staff and locals who visit week in and week out – supporting this independent venture.

New things to look out for include more brilliant workshops, as well as seeing the Southsea Deli team venture outside to local food festivals and events happening around Hampshire.

So, what do I still love that was there from the start? Well … have you tried the salted chocolate brownie? If you have then you know that one year on it still has the same melt in your mouth texture and utterly delicious flavour!

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Photos by the Southsea Deli 

By Louise O’Brien