Wearing Mums Makeup

Downtown Pompey has a new show coming to town called Wearing Mums Makeup; The Cabaret!

I caught up with Josh who has been a pioneer in this project. We talked about where the idea came from and what the group working on this hopes to gain from the experience. This is what they said….

“Two years ago we were looking to understand the relationship of those who self-identified as ‘mothers’ with the work created in queer spaces in nightclubs and pubs. We wanted to explore the similarities within these communities with a particular focus on identity stereotypes, societal expectations, and seeing beyond the labels."

“It is through this examination and consultation with Portsmouth ‘Mums’ that we developed our show ‘Wearing Mums Makeup!"

“During the development of the project we wanted to create a relationship where we worked with our community and thus went on to develop a whole new community group through play workshops, dinner parties, drag photoshoots, and podcasts. Now, we are excited to host the voices of our Mums through the creation of this queer theatrical experience in the Mainhouse of the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth."

“For years we’ve passed down the brushes, looking back in the mirror at the faces of our predecessors, reimagining their versions of the painted face. We ask; What is the face you want to paint?"

This is a show about Portsmouth for Portsmouth!

The shows start at 7:30pm on:
Saturday 9th October (with Q&A afterwards)
Sunday 10th October

Tickets are Pay What You Can.
You can also book tickets directly through the New Theatre Royal here.

Photo Credit to the Liberty Lounge