Southsea Folk Magazine #1

Southsea Folk is a photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals - artists, designers and business owners - were photographed in their environment and the result is an inspiring celebration of the special area.

Southsea Folk Magazine #2

Southsea Folk Issue 2 has the same publication layout, capturing the people behind the independent, creative projects happening around this vibrant community. Now with an online presence and a bigger team, we give you not only a photographic project but the stories behind the hard-working folk creating all that is good in this unique seaside town and city. Keeping this publication simple and focusing on the people means we share a passion with the awesome Southsea Folk.

Southsea Folk Magazine #3

Southsea Folk Issue 3 includes more fantastic updates from our local and thriving businesses. We've now started featuring cover art to give our talented artists a platform to get their creativity out there for everyone to enjoy.