Southsea Folk Awards Presentation 2021

Southsea Folk Awards

The Southsea Folk Awards started because of my love of the local independents, creatives and artists we have in Southsea and beyond working so hard to bring such a vibrant, creative area we live in. I wanted to promote and praise them for all the hard work they do. Bringing on board categories where there hadn’t been praise locally before including categories like ‘Best Unsigned Band’ allowed different creatives from different areas of the cultural industries to be highlighted. 

2020 saw so many events cancelled which included the Southsea Folk Independent Awards but out of despair comes hope. Next year there will definitely be an awards event it is just unsure as to whether that will be a virtual one or a place where we can all come together and celebrate all that is great about the independents in Southsea. Please look out for updated news on this and how you can vote for your favourite independent businesses and creatives to win! 

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