Lou and John host a podcast about Southsea and Portsmouth. Tapping into what is happening culturally in the area.

Each week a guest pops by on the phone to have a good old natter about culture, arts, and let's not forget food and drink!

Louise O’Brien

“Working with John on this podcast project has been so much fun. Going through something like lockdown where we still managed to get to speak to artists, artisans, designers and indie businesses really helped to lift our spirits and share news around the area of what was happening culturally. The difference was it was happening from our homes instead of from one location!"

John Sands

“These podcasts are a way for me to shine a light on Southsea and Portsmouth. To give back to a community that gives so much. I love chatting with Lou and the fantastic guests we get every week is such a privilege. “

Episode #01

Meet John and Lou running Southsea Folk Discovered

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Episode 1 bringing the first episode offering a relaxed view on cultural events and news of what is happening in Southsea and Portsmouth. This episode covers a brief catch up of what we have been inspired about during the week and then a spotlight focus on what Southsea Folk is about.

Episode #02

Meeting Laura The Southsea Wine Siren

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Episode 2 we talk about our week and talk to Laura The Southsea Wine Siren about the wine industry, being a wine expert and trend news in both the wine and other alcohol sectors as well. Laura brings fresh bubbling ideas and has events happening with independents across Southsea which you can be part of. Listen to the interview to find out more details.

Episode #03

Meet Vince from The Portsmouth Distillery

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Episode 3 we venture out to Fort Cumberland to talk to Vince at the Portsmouth Distillery talking all things rum and gin and the distillery tours they now have on offer to the public.

This is the third in a series of podcasts highlighting the local independent scene in Southsea and surrounding Portsmouth. We are experimenting on the sound and being on location so please bear with us while we tweak the perfect podcast on location 🙂

Episode #04

Meet Dan from the Southsea Deli

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Episode 4 sees us catch up with Dan from the Southsea Deli. Having a heap of experience in the food industry it is nice to hear where it all started. Find out about the shop, the 'Deli Truck' and plans for the workshops happening next year. Dan has such a lovely way with his words that he makes a great guest!

Episode #05

Meet Charla From The Grateful Hearts Club

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Episode 5 sees us meet Charla from the Grateful Hearts Club. Charla talks about how a traumatic life experience turned her attention to looking at ways of being grateful and setting up this fantastic idea. This episode really touched our hearts and will yours too.

Episode #06

Meet Freya Rose

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Episode 6 sees us meet Freya Rose and talk about her career with shoe design as well as promoting the new Station in her shop which has a range of luxurious gifts for sale. You can go and visit and have express hair done or make up for £20 by top professionals.

Episode #07

Meet Tim Ames

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Episode 7 sees us catch up with Tim talking about his Graphic Design helping the local community. Tim has a lovely dog called Buster and created the 'Roving Reporter' which you can see up on the screen in the Guildhall Square. Tim explained that he wanted to bring a lighthearted view on news across the city and who doesn't love a sweet dog? Tim was a great guest and we loved having him on the podcast 🙂

Episode #08

Meet Fark FK

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Episode 8 sees us meet Mark AKA Fark FK for our very last podcast for the year! What a lovely xmas present for you!

We talk about Fark's work in the past and what he has got coming up in 2020! A wonderful guest and hope you enjoy it as much as us.

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone!

Episode #09

Meet Gary and John from Taste at 17

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Episode 9 sees us catch up with Gary and John, two very well established chefs already that have made their mark in Southsea. Starting out together at the Beach Cafe and then both setting up Nosh Box a street food box serving locally sourced good quality food they have decided to open a new eaterie across the road from The Fisherman's Kitchen (where Gary works and part-owns) called Taste at 17. They talk all about it on this first podcast of the year!

Episode #10

Meet Wendy Budd From Budd's Apothecary

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Episode 10 This week sees us meet Wendy from Budd's Apothecary talk about being a herbalist, what are her favourite herbs she likes to work with and her new product range of body butters that are eco-friendly and have recyclable plastic-free packaging. have a listen now!

Episode #11

Catch up with John and Lou about all things happening this week

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Episode 11 sees John and Lou catch up after John's Las Vegas trip and talk about Hashtag Look Up Southsea plus Strong Island and their photo walks. Talking about local things happening around us.

Episode #12

Meet Monika Wood From Green Hands Florist

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Episode 12 sees us catch up with Monika Wood who set up Green Hands Florist in 2018. This is situated on Castle Road and we talk about workshops, being a floral artist and her favourite flowers!

Episode #13

Meet Lianne From Southsea Jungle

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Episode 13 sees us catch up with Lianne from Southsea Jungle talking all about her love of plants. Having a hobby in plant care has lead to a lovely website that offers advice and tips on how to look after your plants. In a world where so many people are buying plants for their home it's interesting to have someone locally give us some decent advice 🙂

Episode #14

Surviving The Lockdown

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Episode 14 sees us catch up with John and Lou from home during lockdown who have managed to do a podcast through Skype. We talk about the positivity that has happened culturally across the city over the last 2 weeks. How independent businesses have adapted to try and earn some money during these difficult times and about general bits.

Episode #15

Meet Mark From 12 Yards

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Episode 15 sees us catch with Mark who is one half of From 12 Yards. They are a football design company based in Southsea who offer amazing design prints of football kits, nostalgic game posters from football history offering a modern raw edge to football art. We chat about how the Euro's are not going to be played but the uplifting decision to air the Euro 96 games that gave such a football frenzy at the time and produced some of England's all-time greats.

Episode #16

Meet Natty from Natty's Jerk Kitchen

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Episode 16 sees us catch up with Natty talking about Jamaican food, how Natty's Jerk Kitchen came about, and the history about where Jerk comes from. It was fab to get Natty on the podcast in a week where supporting independent food places is more important than ever!

Episode #17

Meet Nathalie Gunn

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Episode 17 sees us catch up with Nathalie and talk about the theatres and what they are doing to survive in lockdown with no visitors. Nathalie recommends some lovely shows and plays we can watch virtually and ways we can support out theatres nationally.

Episode #18

Everybody Pilates

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Episode 18 sees us catch up with Amy from Everybody Pilates talking about how the studio has coped during lockdown and the exciting project coming soon in the form of Everybody Pilates TV where listeners can do online classes. Have a listen now!

Episode #19

Meet Connie From The Package Free Larder

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Episode 19 sees John meet Connie from the Package Free Larder and talk about the opening of the shop on Elm Grove! The need to reduce plastic in our environment is real and having this new shop is a delight but also offers a way we can all look to change the way we consume our products!

Episode #20

Meet George From PBC

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Episode 20 sees John meet up with George from Pompey Banana Club who has seen his fruit stickers have a popular following that really has a Pompey twist!

Episode #21

Meet Vicky from vickyflipflop

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Episode 21 sees us meet Vicky a travel and festival blogger who set up a great website in January called Day Out In England. We talk about having a holiday in England and how lockdown and COVID has made people consider taking their holidays in the UK. A great guest with so much knowledge around travel.

Episode #22

Meet Kate Street an Artist and Curator

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Episode 22 sees us meet Kate Street an artist and curator who talks about the latest exhibition she has curated for us at the old Knight and Lee building on Palmerston Road. Having 12 artists display their work in the exhibition called Select Dream.

Episode #23

Meet Steve Pitt From the Council

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Episode 23 sees us meet Steve Pitt who is the Deputy Council leader of Portsmouth City Council. Steve has been involved in some wonderful cultural projects in Portsmouth and Southsea. Today we talk about the Lockdown Mastered Event that is on this wknd and next wknd down at Clarence Field. We also talk about a new upcoming market in the Debenhams building, and a new exhibition on at the Portsmouth Museum.

Episode #24

Meet Jim From Herbies

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Episode 24 sees us catch up with Jim Harbridge from Herbies Health. He talks about the new website and what products he would recommend to help with our immune systems going in to the Autumn months. We featured Jim in issue 9 of the magazine and also it has been great to follow the journey of the refurbishment of the iconic health shop that has been around for decades!

Episode #25

Meet Eva from Blossoms Boutique

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Episode 25 sees us catch up with Eva from Blossoms talking about the exciting move of premises to Palmerston Road and of course all things flowers!

Episode #26

Meet Tim Rusby From Portsmouth Creates

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Episode 26 sees us catch up with Tim Rusby who is the chair of Portsmouth Creates. We chat about the amazing success of the pop-up market that is being held in the old Debenhams building. Tim talks about Portsmouth Creates being a catalyst for exciting cultural projects happening around the city.

Episode #27

Meet Mark who owns Sally Port Inn

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Episode 27 sees us catch up with Mark who owns the Sally Port Inn in Old Portsmouth. It is a pub that has been restored and has such an interesting story. With lots of history dating back centuries and hearing all about Ian Fleming having inspiration for the James Bond stories from this pub, it's worth a listen. Great guest and wonderful knowledge!

Episode #28

Guess Who's Back .. Yes it's John

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Episode 28 sees us catch up with John and Lou as they talk about John's recovery from COVID, how he coped and dealt with this awful virus to come out the other side and be able to talk about his journey. There is lots of positivity in this episode and hope.

Episode #29

Meet Duane the Coffee Roaster

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Episode 29 sees us catch up with Duane who has started a new venture in coffee. Have a listen to find out his plans and hopes to boost Highland Road and develop a good coffee roaster in Southsea.