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“I moved to Southsea 30 years ago and was a printmaker for 20 of those…"

– Jenny Ames

Issue 10

A quarterly photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals – artists, designed and business owners are photographed in their own environments.

Selected Stories

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Stories In A World On Fire

When the world stopped moving, just for a bit, we turned to the arts The same arts that were systematically being bled, felled, and made just that...

Books, Latest, Local Business, Lockdown, Portsmouth

Portsmouth Mystery Adventure

Popping down to the Hotwalls Christmas market I fell across the Portsmouth Mystery Adventure Books by Mystery Guides The fact that Portsmouth has...

Book Review, Books, Latest, Lifestyle, Lockdown, Portsmouth, Southsea, Wellbeing

Positivity In Books

Right now in the national lockdown it may feel like there isn’t much joy around us While there is certainly something to be said about sitting with...

Latest, Lifestyle, Lockdown, Portsmouth, Southsea, Wellbeing, Wellness

Surviving January Again

As I was looking at old posts on the site I realised that I had written a post 3 years ago and one of the very first articles I wrote was all about...

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Unmade Radio Launch

A while ago I let Unmade Radio take over my Instagram for a day to highlight their vision and future of music in Portsmouth This week has seen the...

Books, independent, Latest, Portsmouth, Southsea

The Crappy Bits Of Pregnancy Book

Why would anyone want to write a book about the crappy bits of pregnancy Well for a start if you have a good sense of humour you might want to...

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A Different Perspective Video

It has been a difficult couple of days but something in the back of our minds knew that it might be on the horizon, another full national lockdown ...

Cafe, Deli, Food & Drink, Home Large, independent, Local Business, Portsmouth, Small Business, Southsea, Supper, Supper Club


Delaney's has been around for 15 years and is nestled in between the fab independents there are on Castle Road It's the kind of place that has been...

Artisan, Craft, Handcraft, Home Large, independent, Maker, Portsmouth, Southsea

Raw & Auburn

If you happened to be out at the weekend you might have popped down to the Hotwalls in Old Portsmouth for their Christmas Market and also Traders...


5 Books To Help In Lockdown

Five Books That Helped Me Through Lockdown Nothing brings me quite as much comfort in troubled times as a cup of tea and a good book Reading can...

Apothecary, Health, Herbalist, Holistic, Latest, Southsea, Wellbeing, Wellness

Winter Tips To Help Your Mental And Physical Health

As we step into the winter phase of the year we are facing a few things The virus is gaining momentum however we look at it and it is crucial that we...

Art, Latest


When you drive into Southsea, or even walk down a stretch of road, you are sure to see an iconic seagull that Fark has painted In fact, those...

Art, Latest, Southsea

Thank You

The new website is LIVE and of course, none of it would be real if you hadn't been such a lovely bunch of folk supporting this journey in getting to...

independent, Local Artist, Music, Portsmouth

10 Tracks From Portsmouth’s Finest!

10 of the Best Tracks Released by Portsmouth Bands/Artists This Year So Far! 2020, what a year Supporting your local music scene from bands to...

Food & Drink, independent, Local Business, Music, Portsmouth, Record Store, Southsea

Pie & Vinyl

Pie & Vinyl as an idea would probably not have made it very far on Dragons’ Den but it just works The idea for Pie & Vinyl was conceived in...
Featured Artists

When you drive into Southsea or even walk down a stretch you are sure to see an iconic seagull Fark has painted somewhere in fact that really is what makes you feel you are in Southsea! Getting to know Fark over the last 3 and a half years I have loved watching his journey grow into new things. The last year his creativity has been profound, from his street art which has a current feature at the old Debenhams site, his giant poster he made at Fratton on the billboard with that iconic rainbow! to seeing his commission work with furniture and wall art…

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