Southsea Snapper

Not sure about you but over the last year when my favourite places have been closed I have felt sad and one account that has lifted my spirits and helped soothe the storm has been the Southsea Snapper.

I just love the way his photos of our beloved independent cafes, restaurants and streets has captured something special. Using editing tools he manages to draw you into the photos he shares and has created a distinctive style that you would instantly recognise as his work! Some would say the photo's look like drawings and I think that is a huge appeal of Southsea Snapper. I feel that his style has a warming effect on the soul and has really helped to celebrate places we love and maybe took for granted before the pandemic, like the coffee shops we sat in or just being able to enjoy the outside spaces freely.

I caught up with the secret snapper to find out more about his work.

How did you get in to photography? 

I have always been interested in photography, but this has always been just a self-taught hobby. As a teenager, I learnt basic edition skills and started to carry an entry-level camera everywhere. I always prefered street photography, keeping an eye for unusual scenes or random incidents within public places.

Have you always used the same photographic equipment?

A few years ago, I decided to sell my camera and lenses, and use exclusively my smartphone for snapping, editing and sharing. There are so many things happening around, but some scenes only last a few seconds. That's what I am most interested in capturing. Most of the shots are captured, edited, and uploaded within minutes. Some will think they're over-edited and too unrealistic, others will find the style interesting and unique. This town is full of amazing photographers so luckily there are great accounts to follow to suit everyone's taste!

How long have you been the Southsea Snapper? 

When this pandemic started, I decided to create a Southsea-related photography Instagram account, a city where I've been living for 9 years, which I think has loads of interesting stuff to be shared. Not only beautiful streets and landscapes, but also lots of activities going on constantly: great bars and restaurants opening, events, entrepreneurship, etc.

From the moment I created my alter-ego Southsea Snapper, it was not just about photography, but more about community. Having a partner that is a local blogger (Southsea food blogger @livelifelovecake), we quickly got involved in loads of events and launches together which has been a great journey.

We have collaborated with quite a few new and existing Southsea businesses, and made great friends in the process. Most of these collaborations have been unexpected and totally anonymous and not a lot of people know my real identity. And for me, this is definitely part of the fun!

If you want to find out more about the Southsea Snapper then check out below.