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Vegan Sarnies

Spending time out and about drinking oat milk hot chocolates in The Southsea Deli and then wandering around while interviewing great independents and creatives for the blog, I have spent quite a bit of time reaching for a trusty old sandwich in Southsea.  I thought I would share which of my sandwiches really did hit the mark and actually turned out to be vegan!

Supper Club

Last Saturday (19th May) I went to my first ever Supper Club. I’ve seen Supper Clubs advertised online for various things and fancied I’d like to go; a good way to meet people and bond over food where nobody gets fed up of me talking passionately about my quest to find the best pistachio ice cream (so far, it’s Moomaids of Zennor from Cornwall). I’ve been a fan of The Hungry Herbivores for a while and heard on the grapevine that Rosie was hoping to do a supper club so, when it went live, my friend C and I snapped up some tickets. Hunter-Gatherer hosted the supper club and approached The Hungry Herbivores about putting it on, a great team in my opinion and a lovely location.

Hungry Herbivores

After supper club last Saturday I managed to grab a few minutes with the lovely Rosie whilst she and her team of helpers for the evening were clearing up. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of dinner but for now, let’s find out more about The Hungry Herbivores.

Forced To Be

Having met Jenna Boyson a few times at various fayres around Southsea, I wanted to catch up with her and talk one to one about her mission, love, future and main project, Forced To Be Fussy Having spent time these last few weeks changing my own diet by cutting out milk and thinking about cutting out dairy, I remembered Jenna. She’s had to remove so many foods from her diet, I wanted to talk to her about how that felt and what steps she’s taken to get where she is now.

Vegan Places

This week on SouthseaFolk, Lou suggested shining a light on the Vegan possibilities in Portsmouth. As the resident vegetarian on the team with a passion for all food, I was happy to investigate further and chat with some of my friends who are vegan about where they go to eat. Whilst being vegetarian and vegan has certainly gotten easier and more commonplace, it’s still difficult to feel spoilt for choice with a menu and very often we’re stuck having “the V option”, especially my vegan pals. So I thought a good way to kick off this little celebration of all things plant-based would be to highlight 5 businesses that cater specifically for or at least VERY well, for vegans on our island. I also know a few places further afield, so maybe at a later date, I’ll do a guide for those who want to plan a visit purely based on places they want to eat (like me).