Alternatives to a NY Resolution

The tradition of setting a New Year resolution goes back thousands of years and the success rate of these resolutions working long term have a very low statistic! As much as 80% of resolutions fall down after the first month.

Instead of setting hard goals for yourself you could look at fun things to do and go on amazing adventures as well as connect with new people!

Check out some of these ideas.

1. Try out a new workshop.

In Portsmouth, we are lucky to have some vibrant local independent businesses offering cool classes you can get involved in. Here are a few you can try.

The Southsea Deli  – Cookery classes can be booked online through the cookery school called Southcoast Cookery and offers spaces in the cookery school part of the Deli on Elm Grove. From pasta making to vegan baking there is a wide choice to choose from.

The DA DA club is a new monthly event using collage and poetry with a chance to connect with like-minded folk!  Held at the Hunter-Gatherer run by Charla from the Grateful Arts Club. Check out their social media for more details with the next event set for the 19th January and costs £20. All materials are provided with tea and vegan treat included in the price.

Join a local art class! The Omega Art School has places for beginners starting soon and is a fun way to start a new hobby! Check their socials for more details.

Do the Portsmouth Distillery tour which takes you around the distillery site and explains the process used in the creation of the spirits distilled on site. You will be able to taste spirits and learn the history of Fort Cumberland as well as have a drink at the end of the tour which is included in the price of the ticket! Priced at £20 per person, the tours are starting in January again.

Take a tour around one of the oldest theatres left in the UK by attending the Groundlings Theatre tour. Costing only £5.00 and lasting for 1 hour, you will be taken on a journey of local history and shown that Groundlings is more than just a theatre. Check out their Social Media and website to book.

2. Find the best Sunday Lunch in Portsmouth!

With amazing pubs and restaurants on our doorstep providing us with fab Sunday Lunches each week you could explore the city to find your favourite. With indies like the King Street Tavern who have won awards for their Sunday best to Croxton’s, and Carter and Co offering up some seriously tasty dishes, this could be a great way to eat your way around town.

3. Cook a new recipe each week.

You could get your family involved and cook together or spend an evening with your partner trying out a new dish each week that you haven’t tried before. Looking out for new recipes and cookery books to explore can be a fun experience. Friends are always great for swapping recipes and even their cookery books they haven’t looked at for a while so you could try a recipe book swap and see what takes your fancy.

4. Go on an art trail and explore the wonderful art we have here in the city.

You could dedicate time each month finding out about new artists, following murals and hot spots we have dotted around the island.

5. Take gentle steps to improve your health.

Taking a gentle step to improve your health is a good thing and just making a few changes might mean lifestyle long-term gains. Things like joining a walking group or attending a salsa class at a local venue.

6. Plan things to look forward to over the year.

From booking a break to cinema and theatre trips, there is so much to look forward to and when you have a plan and dates dotted down in the diary or up on the wall it makes you feel more positive about the year.

7. Get on the Winter Watch website and see what is happening in nature.

Feel inspired by the great outdoors by visiting Winter Watch online and finding out about the ever-changing landscape we have around us with amazing Winter photographs and embracing the season. At this time of year, there are amazing migrating birds and lots of animals to find out about. Winter Watch starts on the 18th of January which gives a lovely insight into wildlife across the UK.

8. Follow seasons of the year through blogs, podcasts, and websites.

Following the whole pattern of a year through someone else’s eyes is a great way to enjoy the year. It helps us to feel grounded and grateful for where we live. There are some great seasons blogs to follow that capture many parts of the year and not just the 4 seasons we always think of.

9. Set yourself some achievable challenges you can try.

From reading a non-fiction book to finding walks across Hampshire. Joining a photography group and capturing pictures to joining an art class! The choice is yours.

10. Challenge yourself to listen to one new podcast a month. Go on a Podcast Journey and explore the thousands of podcasts there are out there. From comedy to crime, gardening to baking, there is a podcast for one and all. Follow a few for a year to see what journey you take.

11. Set yourself a power hour.

This is a golden hour you would have lost through travelling from work under usual circumstances but now you are working from home gives you that extra bit of time. Use it wisely. You could do this at the beginning of the day or at the end and use it to learn a new skill, learn a new language, meditate or try something new you have never done before!

12. Go on a beer trail and track all the beers you love over a year.

As we are one of the coolest cities in the UK when it comes to brewing beer, it makes sense to explore the amazing breweries and the award-winning beer they create. A fun thing to do with friends where you could meet regularly to discuss all things beer and at the end of the year you could exchange fun facts and celebrate all you have found out about Portmsouth breweries as well as the favourite beers that you loved.

13. Plan some one-night stopovers 

Living on the South Coast means you are so close to some amazing places. You could book a few one-night stopovers across the year and visit new towns and cities you have never been to before. Escaping for one night means it makes sense to travel somewhere that isn’t more than 2 hours travel time as you could end up exhausted before you start your mini break! Try to book places that are not too far to get to. Setting off early and exploring the desired location mid-morning allows for a good mooch before hitting your hotel. After a hearty breakfast the next morning and sightseeing throughout the day means you will arrive home feeling like you have had an entire wknd away. Here are some places close by.

Isle Of Wight

Tunbridge Wells


New Forest