Anglepoise Pop-Up

Having a top design company that sits close to the city and yet is so iconic with its worldwide recognisable lamps is something locals can appreciate with Anglepoise, especially when they are bringing their second charity pop-up event later this month.

On the 19th/20th November you will be able to visit the Round Tower at Hotwalls in Old Portsmouth and grab a bargain whether it be not quite perfect, samples or heavily discounted ranges, you are sure to find something you like.

The thing I love about this pop-up is that all the money raised is going back into the city by being donated to the Portsmouth Food Bank! I think thats a really lovely thing to do, especially considering that people are struggling now more than ever. It is so good to think that companies like Anglepoise are helping to keep these food banks alive, as without them I am not sure where the local community would be.

The history of Anglepoise goes back over 8 generations and the Terry family have worked hard to put their company on the map. Seeing the famous design lamp in offices, creatives work spaces, hotels and living rooms up and down the country, you really grasp the timeless quality to the product ranges they offer and how the classic design is often passed down to the next generation because it is built to last.

I always say that if you can save up and buy the best design then you know that quality will see you through many years and be something cool to look at too. Designer pieces never lose their appeal or value, so investing in a classic is always a winner!

Swing by to the Anglepoise event next wknd and grab a bargain to enjoy for years to come.

Opening times are

Saturday 10-5pm

Sunday 11am-4pm

All Photos by Anglepoise