Broadway Coffee Shop

Maybe you had a chance to listen to Duane on the podcast talk about coffee roasting or even read the feature story on the Bear Studios knocking down the iconic metal bear and positioning instead the ‘Broadway Coffee Roasters’ sign but if you didn’t then read on.

Going into coffee roasting at Broadway Coffee Roasters was the first step in this new venture for Duane and Toby and the next one was providing a space where customers could go in and try the coffee beans roasted onsite for themselves!

The 12th of April was the first day that shops and independent places could open and couldn’t have come sooner in Southsea, we all know how much we have missed the buzz of having a perfect coffee and watching the world go by or catching up with friends.

On this day, Broadway opened its doors to allow take-away drinks and bakery delights but also to invite customers to sit outside and enjoy the Highland Road residence as well as admire the artwork from the studio as they embraced the aroma of the coffee and atmosphere.

Arriving just before the doors opened I managed to look around, I got to see the interiors as well as the artwork that has been arranged on the walls to support local independent artists and look the part in the newly coordinated coffee shop.

Surrounding the coffee serving area is an old-fashioned shop counter that could have been in a department store back in the ’60s along with a fabulous sign saying ‘The Drug Store’. Benches are dotted around along with serious coffee culture books and odd pieces that make this place feel eclectic. A mix of spray paint and old vintage furniture gives the shop a classic been here a while look.

Local artists Five Architects, Pogo, and Alice Coffey hang on the walls and as this was where Fark had his studio it wouldn’t feel the same not having a bird there, so it is lovely there is a Fark piece tucked into the wall space as you walk in!

The guys take their coffee very seriously so you can expect french press delights as well as all the coffee styles you can imagine. Outside has barrels for you to sit on and this stretch of the road feels like it is really smiling saying thanks for bringing a cool coffee shop to this side of town. As I was leaving there was a queue to venture in so there is already a buzz about this coffee stop. 

Wishing Duane and Toby all the success for this place and can’t wait to keep seeing which artists will pop up here.

Go and drop by and show your support for a local indie wanting to make serious coffee waves in the area.