Comic Con 22

Portsmouth Comic Con returns on the 7th and 8th May to the Guildhall and is a great wknd of fun. To celebrate this, I interviewed Curt Hill, the Guildhall’s event producer to talk about highlights from the event.

Hi Curt thanks for making time to talk.

How many years has Comic Con been coming to Portsmouth?

This should have been Portsmouth Comic Con’s 5th year after the first Portsmouth Comic Con taking place in May 2018 however due to the pandemic we will be celebrating the 3rd Portsmouth Comic Con this year. Portsmouth Comic Con was first discussed in 2016 o following a meeting with Tripwire magazine and it was agreed that Portsmouth needed a Comic Con. Following this and 2 years of relationship building with our fantastic event partners we hosted the very first Portsmouth Comic Con in May 2018.


What can people expect from this years Comic Con?

Our special features for 2022 include:

Star Wars Walk Through Experience – the chance to explore the Star Wars universe in this unique experience created by Joker Squad UK and The Isle of Wight Prop Crew. Entering the world of Tattoine complete with backdrops, Stormtroopers and Luke Skywalker’s Speeder, you will experience the sights, sounds and characters of the desert planet before being transported to the moon of Endor with its Imperial Bunker, speeder bikes and an interactive Ewok experience with lots more surprises to discover!

She-Quential Saturday – celebrate some of the most inspirational female characters created including Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Supergirl and more through a range of international guests, panels, cosplayers and workshops with Ladies Do Comics.

World of Witchcraft & Wizardry – celebrate the fantasy novel and film worlds of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Excalibur, The Witches, Maleficent and many more with a host of costumed characters, props, games, workshops, a real Ford Anglia, and a ‘School of Wizards’ themed cosplay parade.

How does it feel to be back after the virus stopped all events? 

Comic Cons across the world have always been extremely sociable events therefore after 2 years without a Comic Con in Portsmouth we are really excited to see attendees turn up in their fantastic Cosplay where everyone will have the chance not only to see old faces again but meet new ones too. At the 2 previous Portsmouth Comic Cons the team have always walked round in amazement that they are responsible for the event that creates such an incredible atmosphere and that’s a feeling we are all excited to feel again.


What was your highlight of 2019 Comic Con?

Comic Cons are so beloved because they are an absolute escape from the everyday! It’s the chance to immerse yourself into a different time, world or even character – you can be whoever you want to be at a Comic Con. It’s a chance to indulge your passions, meet your idols and new/like-minded people and most of all just have lots of fun so for me it was being part of creating something that is so important and special for the city of Portsmouth and beyond.


What would you say to someone going to their first Comic Con in Portsmouth? 

I would say come and try it!

Comic cons celebrate the best in comics, film, TV and pop culture entertainment – if you’re serious about comics, love Marvel/DC, superheroes and cult series like Star Wars and Dr Who or are simply looking for a fun and different day out with the family – this is the event for you.

Portsmouth Comic Con is a really fun and family-friendly event. It is so bright and colourful, with something happening at every turn there really is something for everyone! From seeing some of the greatest artists and writers in the industry at work, to really fascinating panel discussions about a whole range of topics and fascinating exhibitions and displays, plus the chance to have a go yourself at one of our workshops, VR and gaming, or watch amazing cosplay parades, discover steampunk and shop a massive range of merch and collectables.

2019 was my first experience of Comic Con and I loved it. Having a gaming floor with Game Over means you can relive your youth playing on old consoles like Atari which is exactly what I did with my son. You get a wristband so you can pop out of the event for food and come back should you need to. I just loved the whole Star Wars element and we got lots of photos with characters! You can read all about my experience here.

You can find out more about Comic Con by listening to the PODCAST we did with Curt which has some really funny moments and backstage stories. Have a listen on all major platforms and Episode 51 is available now. Find out more about Comic Con below and hit the website button to buy tickets!