Interior Influencers

Walking the breadth of Southsea looking for all the interior shops you can visit in one day was so much fun but then I thought about the interior influencers we actually have that live on our doorstep and what their thoughts were on interior trends and design. I thought I’d get in touch and ask them, so I could share all this info with you lovely people. So I spoke to three wonderful influencers in interiors right now and this is what they had to say.

First of all, I met up with Lauren Matthews Interiors who is based close by at the Aspex Gallery in Gunwharf Quays. Lauren offers a complete interior architecture and design service for residential and commercial clients in the UK and worldwide. Working on high-end residential projects is the main focus for her and the team have designed some seriously stunning homes! I asked Lauren what inspiring words she would like to pass on to people reading this and her answer was,

“Think of one item you have bought and loved then focus the design of a room on that. Don’t feel you have to follow every trend that stands out in a magazine. Be happy to surround yourself with all your favourite pieces.”

When asked what is the one thing in her home she couldn’t live without, Lauren said it was the African bookends her grandfather brought back from the war.

Next, I caught up with Gemma from Star&Lux who have a big following on Instagram and are based in Southsea. They offer a residential and commercial interior design service and will have a new website coming soon. I asked Gemma about current trends, she said that she normally works 18 months to 2 years ahead. Because of this, Gemma opts not to go with trend-led pieces in designs and has a passion for letting the owner’s personality shine through so that the design has longevity as well as each project being unique. Although Gemma does feel that a neutral look is starting to filter through and that includes the use of natural materials, which we are seeing used a lot more; marble, stone, wood etc… So if anything, embrace natural, tactile materials.

Finally, I had the chance to speak to Sally who is one half of Green and Mustard. They are a dynamic duo who met because Sally’s son married Anna (the other half of Green and Mustard). Both loving interiors they found themselves chatting on the latest trends and decided to set up a blog and Instagram account that could inspire people on a daily basis. At the last count, their followers have reached over 44K and keeps growing. Having a real passion for interiors they want to extend that by interviewing more brands and sharing local homes that we can all feel inspired by.

I asked Sally her thoughts on trends and her response was lovely and detailed with plenty of advice,

“We often get asked about trends, and what we think is going to be a big hit, for me its definitely greens, botanicals, houseplants and rattan.  I mean those rattan beds that are available now are just stunning.  Mind you I also have an obsession with all things Parisian at the moment. As for the big spenders who are having a bit of a refurb, its got to be critical windows and parquet flooring. I mean what could be more stunning!?”

When I asked Sally what was the one item she could not part with that sits in her home she said it was her Eames Bird, the husband would be sent in to save that!

I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some inspiration from these fabulous ladies. So really all you have to think is buy what you love, make it fit into your space and don’t be overly absorbed in trends but if you love being ahead in the trends game pay attention to natural materials, the colour green and lots of beautiful plants.

By Louise O’Brien

Featured Image by Anthropolgie