Interiors Round Mirrors

Round mirrors have been a love of mine for over a year now. The interior love for this item just keeps getting stronger. When looking at inspiring pictures to help you decide on a new room theme, one item that just keeps appearing is the round mirror.

Its appeal is its familiar shape and it’s easy on the eye. Because of its shape, it means it can transform the most humble of corners and I for one am loving the fact that we are still talking about this. When you have a room with lots of straight lines and angular shapes like the bathroom, adding a round mirror will enhance that space. It will add contrast and offer a visual statement as well as being on trend.  If you have a small area like the hallway adding a huge round mirror will make that space seem so much bigger. More than ever I am seeing lots of photos and inspiring pictures of rooms with round mirrors in them. The best thing is that there are so many on the high street now for all kinds of budgets so you have no excuse but to rush out and buy one!

A few weeks ago I was taking my enormous Christmas tree to the recycling centre in Portsmouth and they have a shop there where you can buy items people have donated rather than throw away. I found a lovely round mirror for £5.00 and can’t wait to add this to my room. Being such a versatile piece it means I could place it in one of many rooms. I’m still undecided at the moment, I’m thinking of adding it to my bedroom or the hallway to add depth. My hallway looks quite plain at the moment so it will be nice to add a feature wall there, maybe a gallery wall and finally get around to putting up all my pictures! If you go and visit the recycling centre in Portsmouth, go check out the shop!

What I love about the choice out there at the moment is you can choose a black edge which could compliment black fittings in your bathroom or a huge size to add drama to your living room. You could choose a smaller size to bring alive a small area that would otherwise be lost in your home.

There is so much choice; which metal, large or small, border, no border, hanging from a rope. Decisions, decisions! Well, let me help you by sharing the ones I am loving at the moment.

Here is my top picks for the round mirrors I love and since last checked they’re all in stock:

Firstly Habitat Patsy for £145.00

John Lewis is doing this style for just £50 which has lovely detail on it.

Dunelm have this one with a black frame for £20

If I was being asked now to design a room, I would definitely be thinking about a round mirror and probably that would be the first thing I put in a room with everything else falling in line to accommodate it 🙂 Unless I was designing a kitchen then of course that wouldn’t be the case!

There is a new exhibition on at the National Gallery which shows how round mirrors reflects our history. In this article by the Daily Mail, it shows that round mirrors are more popular than ever and that our love of them goes way back in time. If you want to go to the exhibition it is on until the 2nd April 2018

The word mirror derives from the French “mirour,” from the Latin “mirari”—to admire. Mirrors were used by ancient Egyptians and convex glass mirrors have been found in archaeological digs dating to the 3rd century­. The earliest of mirrors to be known to be unearthed was dating back as early as 2000BCE. It is truly remarkable to think that an interior item we love, cherish and want to add to our homes have been around for as long as that.

All photos via Pinterest