January for a Fiver

The new year has arrived and how depressing is it to keep seeing and hearing about the cost of living crisis but there are a few indies in town doing some cool things to brighten our January!

King Street Tavern is offering Margarita cocktails every Friday night in January for $5.00. I asked them why they were doing this and they said…

“What better way to celebrate Fridays in January than with an evening of $5 Dollar Margaritas at the King Street Tavern.

Why $5 Dollars?……….. because whatever the $ to £ exchange rate is when we open, that’s what you pay for your Margaritas all night!” Doors open 4pm – midnight”
So it all depends on the exchange rate. Last week it was valued at £4.20 so grab your friend and go and treat yourself!

No6 Cinema is featuring all films in January for £5.00 and there are some cool films to watch! Matilda is featuring on Saturday the 7th at 7pm and also I Wanna Dance With Somebody which is the film about Whitney Houston is showcasing on Saturday the 28th of January at 7pm! There are some fab films to watch so head to the website to book and visit the biggest screen ever!

Dice Board Game Cafe are being super cool by allowing us to venture along to their social board gaming nights every Wednesday for £3.00. You can pop along as an individual, a couple or as a group and still get charged under the £5.00 mark. You can meet new friends or just enjoy with your pals a fun night of gaming and a laugh!

Now that’s something to smile about.

Look out for new articles on local cultural things happening and keep visiting the website for ideas and places to eat and visit.